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Curriculum-linked Resources

Anatomy Resources

Anatomy - Recommended Textbooks

e-Anatomy: Online and iPhone imaging anatomy tutorials available for a fee.

Instant Anatomy: Podcasts and iPhone applications available as well as MCQ practice questions and schematic drawings, which are invaluable for the Part 1 exam.

Applied Imaging Technology Resources

Applied Imaging Technology Recommended Reading List

Report Writing Resources

Report Writing

University of Florida’s Curriculum in Radiology Reporting (CCR)

Patient Safety Resources

Patient Safety Cycle References

Patient Safety Syllabus

Mandatory in-training Assessment for Patient Safety & Report Writing

ED Code Blue – Medical Emergencies at RVEEH August 2009

Non-medical Expert Resources

For non-medical expert aspects of the curriculum, see Ethics and Interpersonal Skills

General Resources

The Nina Sacharias Film Library (Alfred Hospital, Melbourne)

Open for use by registrars from other hospitals in Victoria. Unfortunately, due to film loss, the library is now under continuous video surveillance. Nina Sacharias Film Library Application Form.

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways

A Clinical Decision Support Tool and Educational Resource for Diagnostic Imaging. Visit the imaging pathways website

Radiology for Students:  Beyond a Textbook

It’s all about radiology and its future, threats and ways to preserve the specialty. Visit the Radiology Beyond a Textbook website

Essential Medical Imaging: Edited by Robert N. Gibson

 A concise introductory text covering the clinical role of radiology in adult and paediatric medicine and surgery. Purchase the Essential Medical Imaging textbook

The International Society for Radiology

Registration is free to this Virtual Campus where refresher courses, Radiological cases, electronic posters and discussion forums are available.


Radiopaedia is a rapidly growing open-edit radiology educational resource which has been primarily compiled by radiologists from across the world. The site contains numerous case studies and an extensive encyclopaedia which can be browsed by topic or system. This website offers iPhone and iPad applications as well as a ‘Quiz’ function which is great for testing yourself on cases pre-viva (Part 2) examination. Free access. Registration is free and is only required if you wish to edit/submit cases.

RSNA Education

International membership for trainees is free. Features CME tests, cases of the day, point of care learning cases and previous exhibits and posters from the largest radiology conference on the planet.

Learning Radiology

A comprehensive site offering systems-based case studies, cases of the week, podcasts, video podcasts and quizzes.

Aunt Minnie

Free registration and access to the latest clinical and technical news updates, case studies, reference material, conference calendars plus membership to various medical communities and forums. Daily emails provide you with cases of the day and imaging specific diagnoses.


Provides high level support from advanced search functions, thousands of expert references and differential diagnoses, clinical cases, images and anatomy modules, all labelled by multiple modalities and views.

Centre d'imagerie Osteo-Articulaire

This is a dedicated, comprehensive MSK website including detailed anatomical models and multimodality examples of normal, pathological and traumatic appearances.


Includes schematic anatomical diagrams, worksheets, descriptions of scanning techniques, scanning protocols and extensive examples of both normal ultrasound appearances and pathological conditions across all areas of ultrasonography.


Offers numerous e-anatomy modules, clinical cases and e-MRI courses.

Journal of the American College of Radiology

Just some of the Australian authored articles on quality:

  • Carlos, R.C. and S.K. Goergen, Introduction: Quality in Diagnostic Imaging: Learning From Worldwide Initiatives. 2010. 7(8): p. 563-564.
  • Khorasani, R., Can Radiology Professional Society Guidelines Be Converted to Effective Decision Support? 2010. 7(8): p. 561-562.
  • Pool, F. and S.K. Goergen, Quality of the Written Radiology Report: A Review of the Literature. 2010. 7(8): p. 634-643.
  • Baerlocher, M.O., A. Myers, and M.R. Asch, Radiation Safety: Have We Let the Public Down? 2010. 7(8): p. 557-558.
  • Jones, D.N., et al., Where Failures Occur in the Imaging Care Cycle: Lessons From the Radiology Events Register. 2010. 7(8): p. 593-602.
  • Jones, D.N., et al., Establishing National Medical Imaging Incident Reporting Systems: Issues and Challenges. 2010. 7(8): p. 582-592.
  • Wallace, A.B., et al., Multidetector CT Dose: Clinical Practice Improvement Strategies From a Successful Optimization Program. 2010. 7(8): p. 614-624.
  • Elshaug, A.G., et al., Addressing "Waste" in Diagnostic Imaging: Some Implications of Comparative Effectiveness Research. 2010. 7(8): p. 603-613.

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