Training Programs

In Australia, hospitals advertise clinical radiology training positions, and candidates apply directly to the hospital. RANZCR is not involved in the employment process.

In New Zealand, the College oversees a centralised trainee recruitment process. Candidates apply for a training position through RANZCR.

How do I apply for a training position in clinical radiology?

In Australia

If you meet the prerequisites, you can apply for a training position directly from an accredited training site/network. Positions are advertised by each hospital throughout the year.

To join the training program you need to:

  • meet the prerequisites
  • have been accepted into an accredited training position
  • submit a training program application to the College within two weeks of starting your training.

RANZCR is responsible for accrediting training sites/networks and overseeing the training program.

In New Zealand

RANZCR’s New Zealand Branch operates an annual national recruitment process for clinical radiology trainees.

For details about this process, see New Zealand Registrar Recruitment.

What training sites are near me?

Training sites are available at hospitals throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Find your nearest training site.