Specialist Training Program

Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) Specialist Training Program (STP)

The Specialist Training Program (STP) provides support to enable medical specialist trainees in Australia to rotate through an expanded range of settings beyond traditional public teaching hospitals, in pursuit of becoming a Fellow of a recognised specialist medical college.

The program commenced in 2010 and is delivered through twelve specialist medical colleges under funding agreements with the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA). There are 900 training places currently funded through the program.

Our College currently has more than 40 posts across clinical radiology and radiation oncology throughout Australia.

The level of funding available for training posts is through a salary contribution and in some instances, rural loadings may also be provided.

In addition to establishing specialist training posts, the program also provides funds for a range of support activities, including developing system-wide education and infrastructure support projects to enhance training opportunities for eligible trainees.

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Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP)

In 2015, the Department announced that at a cost of $93.8 million over four years, additional contributions to build a sustainable Australia-trained future medical workforce for regional, rural and remote communities would be introduced through an Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP).

IRTP has different requirements to the traditional STP model:

  • Training sites must meet different eligibility criteria, to enable a trainee to complete the majority of their training within a rural region (66%)
  • Trainees selected for IRTP-funded posts must show a commitment to working in a rural area
  • The proposed training model should show a clear, organised training pathway for the trainee.

Training posts are allocated through an expression of interest process. An expression of interest was called for in late 2016.

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