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RANZCR values professional input from members and regularly seeks member feedback on the development of professional documents, reports and submissions. When the College opens a consultation details about and deadlines for submissions, can be found following the links below.


The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to review how well all the specialist medical colleges aligned with the MBA Good Practice Guidelines for the Specialist International Medical Graduates (IMG) assessment process. Following the outcome of this review, RANZCR was required to update its IMG assessment policy and had previously advised that an updated IMG assessment policy would come into effect on 1 January 2020.  
The MBA has kindly provided additional time for RANZCR to comply with their Good Practice Guidelines. We will use this time to conduct a robust and broad review of IMG assessments, including stakeholder and member consultation on the policy changes we are making. The draft policy for stakeholder and member consultation is available below.
RANZCR is responsible for ensuring that IMGs practicing in Australia are fully supported to practise safely and attain Australian standards for specialists in clinical radiology and radiation oncology. It is our aim to ensure that any changes will have a long-term positive impact on IMGs, patients and the broader Australian healthcare system.
In consulting our stakeholders, RANZCR will be assessing and balancing the various objectives of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme that include to:
1. provide for the protection of the public by ensuring that only health practitioners who are suitably trained and qualified to practise in a competent and ethical manner are registered (Section 3(1)(a) of the National Law), and
2. facilitate the rigorous and responsive assessment of overseas-trained health practitioners (Section 3(1)(d) of the National Law), and
3. facilitate access to services provided by health practitioners in accordance with the public interest (Section 3(1)(e) of the National Law).
We are particularly seeking stakeholder and member feedback on the following:

  • How the policy can best ensure that IMGs can practise safely and achieve standards of Australian-trained clinical radiologists and radiation oncologists
  • Any foreseen impacts on the regional and rural workforce
  • For IMGs who have gone through the Specialist Recognition pathway and/or worked in Area of Need positions, what upskilling have you received? Would the proposed measures support IMGs as intended?
  • For employers, please indicate how many Area of Need positions you are responsible for and how long IMGs tend to stay in those positions under limited medical registration. Additionally, please indicate how many IMGs continue in the regional setting after achieving specialist medical registration
  • For employers, what do you see your additional workforce requirements being over the next 18 months?


Clinical radiology and radiation oncology

How to submit

Please submit your response to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 5pm 13 March 2020.
In the interim, the current IMG policy will remain in place for IMGs seeking assessment. The current policy is available here.
We look forward to your comments on IMG assessments.

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