Radiation Oncology Committees

The Faculty of Radiation Oncology has a number of committees that develop policy and support decision making across the Faculty. On this page you will find details of these committees.

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Pre Fellowship

Radiation Oncology Education and Training Committee (ROETC)

ROETC is responsible for the training, education and examination conduct and structures. View terms of reference

Radiation Oncology Network Governance Committee (RONGC)

The Radiation Oncology Network Governance Committee (RONGC) is responsible for oversight of training network operation, resolution of local issues and delivery of the training program within the network. View terms of reference

Radiation Oncology Network Portfolio Review Committee (RONPRC)

The RONPRC is responsible for the review of trainees’ portfolios to determine whether trainees demonstrate competence to progress from Phase 1 to Phase 2 or are eligible for Fellowship. View terms of reference

Radiation Oncology Trainee Committee (ROTC)

ROTC represents radiation oncology trainees within the College, and provides a link between trainees and other committees. View terms of reference

Training Network Directors Committee (TNDC)

This committee supports and promotes the policies for radiation oncology training networks within Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. View terms of reference

Radiation Oncology in Practice

Economics and Workforce Committee (EWC)

EWC promotes and facilitates the Faculty’s advocacy work to ensure the availability of physical and human resources required for high-quality, timely and appropriate patient care. View terms of reference

Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)

QIC provides strategic and policy advice and conceptual models to ensure ongoing improvement in patient care. View terms of reference

Post-Fellowship Education Committee (PFEC)

PFEC develops frameworks and activities to support Fellows in maintaining the highest standard of practice throughout their clinical careers. View terms of reference

Radiation Oncology Research Committee (RORC)

RORC promotes the critical importance of research through development of research skills, development of strategic partnerships and administration of grants and awards. View terms of reference

Targeting Cancer Management Committee (TCMC)

TCMC raises the profile of radiation oncology amongst consumers and other health care professionals in Australia and New Zealand. View terms of reference

Radiation Oncology New Zealand Executive Committee (NZROE)

This committee facilitates communication between New Zealand radiation oncologists and the College, ensuring that New Zealand specific issues are addressed. View terms of reference

Other Committees

Radiation Oncology Alliance (ROA)

The Radiation Oncology Alliance is a peak group comprising the four key specialties in radiation oncology and representing their respective organisations: the Faculty of Radiation Oncology, RANZCR; the Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM); the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT); and Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA). View terms of reference