Clinical Radiology Phase 1 Examination

The objective of the Phase 1 Examinations is to assess a trainee’s competency and required level of knowledge and understanding of Anatomy and Applied Imaging Technology (AIT) as they relate to clinical radiology. Each examination has a unique and targeted approach to assessing a candidate’s knowledge and ability. 


To be eligible for the Phase 1 Examinations, the candidate must: 

  • be a trainee in a RANZCR accredited training position, 
  • a financial member of the College 

For more information on eligibility refer to: The Clinical Radiology Handbook on the College website


The Phase 1 Examination consists of two separate written examinations and are delivered in an electronic format. 

Both must be successfully completed to progress to Phase 2 of the training program. 


One three-hour paper to assess trainee knowledge of radiologic anatomy: 

  • Labelling

           120 labels worth ¼ mark each, across six body regions. Minimum one diagram per region and maximum of two. 

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 

           60 MCQs worth one mark per question 

  • Very Short Answer Questions (VSAs) 

           30 VSAs worth one mark per question 

  • Short Answer Questions (SAQs) 

           20 SAQs worth three marks per question

There are six topic areas (body regions) covered in the examination. Please note, these percentages provide approximate weightings and may vary slightly between examinations: 

      1. Brain                                    20% 
      2. Head and neck                    15% 
      3. Spine                                   10% 
      4. Thorax                                 15% 
      5. Abdomen and pelvis            25% 
      6. Limbs                                   15%

Applied Imaging Technology

One three-hour paper to assess trainee knowledge on imaging technology, quality and safety: 

  • Constructed Response Questions (CRQs) 

           Nine CRQs worth 10 marks per question 

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 

           60 MCQs worth one mark per question 

Trainees may apply to sit the Anatomy and AIT examinations together, or independent of each other. Irrespective of whether they sit the examinations together or separately, trainees have four consecutive opportunities to sit the Phase 1 Examinations from the date of commencement of training. This rule applies regardless of the trainee’s full-time equivalent (FTE) status or the number of examinations sat at an opportunity. Not sitting the examination at an opportunity is considered and recorded as a missed opportunity unless the trainee is on College approved remediation or interrupted training or has been approved by the College to defer or withdraw from the examination under the Consideration of Special Circumstances Policy. 

Trainees who fail to sit the first available opportunity following commencement of training (where the commencement of training date is prior to the examination application closing date) will be deemed to have lost that examination opportunity. 

Once an examination has been successfully passed, only the remaining examination needs to be completed. 

For more information on Phase 1 Examinations refer to:  The Clinical Radiology Handbook


A Note for Phase 1 Candidates

At the time of the examination you must be employed as an accredited radiology trainee and you must have completed all required training program assessments at the time of applying to sit the examination. If you commence in an accredited radiology training position after the closing date for applications, in addition to submitting the examination application form, the completed and required attachments of the Approval of Course in Training Form must be submitted with your examination application prior to the closing date.

Demonstration Site and Online Practice Exam (OPE):

The RANZCR Clinical Radiology Written Examinations are now being delivering on a new digital platform. The instructional video should be watched by all candidates before practicing on the accompanying demonstration site. It is essential that candidates watch the video and familarise themselves with the new platform on the demonstration site before attempting the examination.

Candidates should be aware the “Question Type Demonstration” consists of sample questions from each of the following written examinations:

  • Phase 1: Anatomy Paper
  • Phase 1: AIT Paper

Please note, the ‘Question Type Demonstration’ is not intended to be a study tool, but instead a method for candidates to familiarise themselves with the new platform. The platform will include a countdown timer for the RANZCR examinations so that candidates know how much time remains during the live exam. This has intentionally been disabled for the demonstration so that candidates can spend as much time as they desire in the demonstration.

Demonstration Site and Online Practice Exam Instructional Videos:

CR Phase 1 Demo Exam Instructional Video

Demonstration Site and Online Practice Exam Login:


Login ID is 11001, with password 11001.

The new platform demonstration site requires the following PINs to access the different examinations:

  • Updated CR Phase 1 Demo Exam PIN:        350102

The candidate ID number for the two examinations is 11001.

Please note the platform works best on the Google Chrome browser.

NB: We are aware that the wrong logo is displayed on the login page. This is being rectified however, the demo site is with RANZCR questions.

The College presents prizes to the most successful candidates in College examinations. Visit our Examination Prizes page for more information.

Guidelines for taking an online exam using Practique and ProctorExam here.