Faculty of Radiation Oncology

The RANZCR Faculty of Radiation Oncology is the peak body for the profession of radiation oncology in Australia and New Zealand.

What We Do

The Faculty of Radiation Oncology sets quality standards, provides world-class training and ongoing professional education, and drives research, innovation and collaboration in the treatment of cancer.

It acts in the following areas to advance the profession and its relationships with government, the wider medical system and the public:

  • Study, research and advancement of knowledge
  • Skill, expertise and ethical standards in practice
  • Quality and rigour in training and assessment
  • The needs of consumers and the community
  • Matters of public interest connected to radiation therapy
  • Collaboration with clinicians, health practitioners and others.


The Faculty of Radiation Oncology is governed by a Council, which oversees all bodies within the Faculty.

The Faculty also has committees and working groups for specific operational areas, and Special Interest Groups for professional areas of special interest.

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Committee Structure


Policy and Advocacy

The Faculty develops a range of policies and position statements on matters relating to radiation oncology services, and actively engages with governments. In the lead up to the 2022 Australian federal election, RANZCR liaised with all major parties on the issues most important to our members, resulting in a number of commitments from each party to help improve the quality of healthcare for Australians. The commitments can be viewed here.

Visit our advocacy page to see areas which we have advocated in recently.

Quality and Standards

The Faculty of Radiation Oncology has a range of initiatives to improve the quality and standards of radiation oncology services in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about quality and standards initiatives

Professional standards relating to radiation oncologists are ratified by the Faculty of Radiation Oncology Council. Visit our professional documents index for further information.

Informing Clinicians and Consumers

Choosing Wisely

The Faculty has identified a list of five recommendations for radiation oncology through their work on the Choosing Wisely initiatives in Australia and New Zealand. This list will guide radiation oncologists and patients in making informed decisions about their treatment. Read our recommendations

Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer campaign

Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer is the Faculty’s flagship campaign to raise awareness among cancer community and health professionals that radiation therapy is an effective, safe and sophisticated treatment for cancer. Visit our advocacy page to find out more.

Horizon Scan for Radiation Therapy Technologies and Techniques

Timely patient access to appropriate radiation therapy treatment techniques is very important.

The Faculty of Radiation Oncology regularly reviews the available radiation therapy techniques and technologies and puts forward the profession’s view on their priority for patient access.

Based on the Horizon Scan, the Faculty also regularly updates its Position Paper on Techniques and Technologies in Radiation Oncology. The aim of the paper is to inform cancer professionals, health care providers, health administrators, consumers and interested individuals about the techniques used for safe delivery of high quality radiation therapy.

Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology 2012-2022

The Radiation Oncology Tripartite Committee released ‘Planning for the Best: the Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology (Australia) 2012-2022’ (The Plan).

The Plan puts forward 93 recommendations and charts a course of action to address the strategic issues important for the delivery of safe, high quality and accessible radiation oncology services.

The Plan is available online at www.radiationoncology.com.au or in related documents below.


For further information about the Faculty’s work see Our Work