Radiation Oncology Learning Outcomes and Handbook

The Curriculum Learning Outcomes document and Training Program Handbook are two integral resources underpinning the 2022 Training Programs.

Radiation Oncology Learning Outcomes 

RO_LO.png The Radiation Oncology Learning Outcomes outline the knowledge, skills and attitudes trainees are expected to develop during the course of the Radiation Oncology Training Program. These competencies are essential to providing the highest possible quality of service to meet the relevant health care needs of all communities in Australia and New Zealand, including the healthcare needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori peoples. 

Radiation Oncology Handbook 

RO_hb.png The Radiation Oncology Training Program Handbook provides information and guidance to trainees, Directors of Training, Clinical Supervisors, and RANZCR staff in relation to all aspects of the Radiation Oncology Training Program, from commencement to Fellowship. It has been developed to be a comprehensive resource with all relevant information of the Training Program, including links to all training documents, forms and policies.