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clinical radiology

Below you will find an index of policies, guidelines, standards and position statements/papers relevant to clinical radiology. Search by keyword and use the filters to find what you're looking for.

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

The RANZCR Recognition of Prior Learning Policy aims to provide new trainees with an opportunity to obtain recognition for training which predates the commencement of approved RANZCR Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology training. Applicants wish...
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Clinical Radiology

Submission to National Dust Disease Taskforce – RANZCR response

The Australian Government has established a National Dust Disease Taskforce to develop a national approach for the prevention, early identification, control and management of dust diseases in Australia. The Taskforce requested written submissions fro...
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Clinical Radiology

Breast Density Position Statement

This Position Statement on Breast Density is intended to assist The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (the College), its staff, Fellows, Members,other health professionals and health consumers and to provide a current, evidence...
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Clinical Radiology

Framework for Recognition of Training in Percutaneous Stroke Intervention

This framework provides a set of standards for the recognition of medical specialists with the appropriate training and experience to deliver safe and efficacious percutaneous stroke intervention (PSI) (including mechanical thrombectomy) in Aust...
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Clinical Radiology

Clinical Radiology Unexpected Notifications

This position statement has been developed by the Faculty of Clinical Radiology to provide advice regarding communication of significant unexpected, urgent or critical clinical radiology findings as well as documentation of the details of the convers...
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Clinical Radiology

Silicosis Position Statement

Imaging of Occupational Lung Disease Position Statement In Australia a significant incidence of silicosis in workers exposed to the dust from high silica content engineered stone has been identified. Imaging has a central role in the diagnosis ...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine

The nine ethical principles outlined guide the development of professional and practice standards regarding the research and deployment of machine learning systems (ML) and artificial intelligence tools (AI) in medicine. These principles are intended...
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Clinical Radiology

Molecular Breast Imaging Breast Specific Gamma Imaging Position Statement

This policy statement documents the position taken by the Faculty of Clinical Radiology, on the advice of the Breast Imaging Advisory Committee, regarding the use of MBI / BSGI to detect breast cancer.

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Clinical Radiology

RANZCR Response to Nurse Practitioner Reference Group MBS Review

Submission to the Report from the Nurse Practitioners Reference Group Recommendation 9 - Remove current restrictions on diagnostic imaging investigations when requested by NPs RANZCR’s position is that the referrer of a diagnostic imaging test sh...
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