Radiation Oncology Training Requirements


The Radiation Oncology Training Program is designed as a five-year training program and structured in two major phases.

This sequencing is to ensure trainees develop foundation knowledge and skills during Phase 1 and then have the opportunity to further develop their abilities and breadth of practice during Phase 2 of the training program.  

Phase Progression in the Training Program

Trainees will continue in each phase until they have achieved the expected standard of competence and completed the training requirements of that phase. The length of each phase is determined by each trainee’s progress. Trainees will progress at different rates; some trainees who have completed similar learning prior to commencing the training program may progress more quickly, others may need additional time to acquire the expected knowledge and skills to demonstrate competence. 

Fellowship of the RANZCR (FRANZCR)

Completion of the Training Program leads to certification as a Fellow of the College (FRANZCR). Fellowship of RANZCR is the only post-graduate qualification which leads to recognition as a radiation oncologist in Australia or New Zealand. Fellowship is awarded after all training program requirements are met.

Summary of the Training Requirements in each Phase

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Training Requirements Policy