Radiation Oncology Phase 1 Examination

The Phase 1 Examination assesses a trainee's knowledge of the oncology sciences.

The information on the Phase 1 Examination in this section refers to the Phase 1 Examination which will be conducted from 2023 onwards.

To be eligible to sit for the Phase 1 Examination, trainees must be a financial, radiation oncology, student member of the RANZCR, be in an accredited radiation oncology training position and have completed:

  • A minimum of 12 months full-time equivalent (FTE) of accredited training with all associated Clinical Supervisor Appraisals, Director of Training Reviews and Trainee Assessment of Training Sites submitted.
  • At least two Oncology Science Workshops.
  • Phase 1 Practical Oncology Experiences (POE), including submission of the completed POE Session Summary Forms.

For more information, please refer to the Radiation Oncology Training Program Handbook.

The Phase 1 Examination consists of individual papers in 3 Oncology Science subjects to be delivered in an electronic format.

Each paper will be of two hours duration and aligned to the new learning outcomes.


  • Diagram Labelling: 120 labels (30 marks in total). Minimum one diagram per region and maximum of two, for each of the six body regions.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 30 questions, one mark per question (30 marks in total). Stand-alone questions to assess factual knowledge of anatomy.
  • Short Answer Questions (SAQs): 4 questions, 15 marks per question (60 marks in total). Focusing on key areas of relevant anatomy, e.g. chest, abdominal, pelvis, head and neck.

Radiation Oncology Physics

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 60 questions (60 marks in total). Both stand-alone and scenario-based, to assess application of knowledge.
  • Short Answer Questions (SAQs): 6 questions (60 marks in total).  

Radiation and Cancer Biology

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 60 questions (60 marks in total). Both stand-alone and scenario-based, to assess application of knowledge.
  • Short Answer Questions (SAQs): 6 questions (60 marks in total).  

Examination Sittings 

Trainees can elect to sit 1, 2 or all of the papers in any series. Once a subject paper has been successfully passed, only the remaining subject papers need to be completed. However, all three subject papers must be passed within three successive examination series to ensure completion of Phase 1 training within the maximum time of 30 months FTE of accredited training. 

Ideally, therefore, trainees should consider attempting more than one subject paper in each sitting to ensure they have the opportunity to re-sit a subject paper should they be unsuccessful at that sitting.

Please note, the Phase 1 Examination Course is not a mandatory training requirement.

The Phase 1 Examination Course varies from year to year and focuses on the structure and marking of the Phase 1 Examination.

The Phase 1 Examination Course is usually held in June.

CE Eddy Prize

The CE Eddy Prize is awarded to the most successful candidate of the Phase 1 Examinations.

This prize is named in honour of the late Dr Cecil Eddy, a former Director of what is now the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (formerly the Australian Radiation Laboratory).

The winner receives a cash prize equivalent to the cost of their examination fee and complimentary early bird registration for the RANZCR Annual Scientific Meeting for the following year for presentation of their prize.

The prize is awarded to a candidate who obtains the total highest marks at the Phase 1 Exams. To be eligible, candidates must be on their first attempt. 

For more information, and terms and conditions, refer to the Examination Prizes on the College website.