RANZCR’s role is to highlight important issues for the health sector, and specifically the radiology and radiation oncology sectors.Our work includes advocating and developing policy to ensure that all patients are able to access high quality healthcare. Our policy work focuses on sustaining high quality, accessible and affordable radiology and radiation oncology in Australia and New Zealand.


The College undertakes economic analysis to identify the impacts of changes to government, stakeholder or internal health policies. By using various data sources and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, the College has sought to become a key collaborator on a range of issues such as the quality framework, indexation and the Radiation Oncology Health Program (ROHPG) scheme. The economic analysis performed by the College underpins and helps shape a large amount of its policy output.

Access to Services

The ability of patients to access high quality medical services is the core of RANZCR’s work. Clinical radiology and radiation oncology play a valuable role in our health system, contributing to diagnosis and treatment of many different conditions.

Our work includes developing solid policy positions, supported by data, to support sustainable access to safe, high quality medical services. This includes contributing to Government policy development, for example through the Australian Federal Government’s MBS Review.


The College regularly surveys members to collect data on the numbers of clinical radiologists and radiation oncologists, both practising and in-training, to ensure that there is an adequate workforce to meet the needs of the Australian and New Zealand population, now and in the future. Where any workforce shortfalls are identified, the College works with governments to implement strategies to ensure the radiology and radiation oncology workforces are at an optimum level.

Radiology at a Glance - Australia

The College annually publishes a flyer highlighting key facts relating to diagnostic imaging in Australia. It provides information on College policy initiatives as well as other useful information such as the size of the sector relative to other Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) funded services and practice and workforce data. A New Zealand equivalent will be developed in due course.

For the latest Radiology at a Glance publication see related documents below.