Short-term Training in Australia

The short-term training in a medical specialty pathway is for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are overseas-trained specialists or specialists-in-training wishing to undertake a short period (usually up to 24 months) of specialist or advanced training in Australia. Applicants who wish to enter a genuine short-term specialist training position will require College support for the position as part of the medical registration application process.

This pathway does not lead to registration as a specialist in Australia. IMGs seeking to qualify for specialist registration should apply for registration via the Specialist Recognition Pathway.

To be eligible for the short-term training in a medical specialty pathway, you must have completed your specialist training or be no more than two years away from completing your specialist training overseas. In addition, you must have secured an offer of a training position, prior to applying to the Board for registration via this pathway.

What does the assessment involve?

RANZCR’s assessment process answers the following questions:

  • Are you a recognised specialist or specialist-in-training in your country of training?
  • Are you undertaking training or obtaining experience not available in your own country?
  • Are you suitable for the position?
  • Will you be returning to your country of training at the end of training in Australia (usually after one year)?
  • Has the hospital provided full information about the training position and your suitability for it?

 How do I apply?

  • Secure a training position
  • Apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for primary source verification (PSV) of your medical qualifications
  • Together with your employer, complete and submit the RANZCR application form for assessment, and apply to the Medical Board of Australia for limited registration for post graduate training or supervised practice.

For more details about how to apply for RANZCR assessment, including costs and documentation required, see our Short-term training positions guide.

Please note, this pathway is NOT available to you if you have not had substantial specialist training and/or are applying for service positions which do not have a training program to meet your specific needs. 


Applicants pay a fee to cover the costs of processing applications. View College Fees page.