MRI Registration

MRI Registration for Accreditation is a quality assurance program for clinical images produced for MRI services in Australia and New Zealand. MRI services must participate to meet the Standards of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, and (in Australia) Health Insurance Commission regulations.

The Registration Process

The registration process determines whether a practice providing MRI services in Australia meets the requirements for MRI services contained in the current version of the Standards of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. Registration is specific to each MRI machine.

When registering for MRI accreditation, practices are required to:

  1. Provide technical details of the system itself, and information on the clinical management structure of the MRI service they provide
  2. Nominate an MRI Radiologist as the Nominated Liaison MRI Radiologist for that MRI system:
    All MRI systems participating in the MRI Quality Program must have a Nominated MRI Liaison Radiologist to monitor and co-ordinate the site's MRI quality activities. (see Standards of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology 12.3.1)
  3. Provide evidence that its MRI radiologists are actively participating in the RANZCR Quality and Accreditation Program, which requires all MRI radiologists to complete a minimum of 30 MRI-specific CPD points each RANZCR CPD triennium.
    At this stage, the MRI machine is deemed to be registered with the Program, but will be required to complete the MRI Clinical Image Review within a specified timeframe
  4. Complete the RANZCR MRI Clinical Image Review, at which point registration for MRI accreditation is complete.

The two major components of the MRI Quality Program are the MRI Radiologist and the MRI Clinical Image Review.

MRI Clinical Image Review

The MRI Quality Program requires a practice to submit a package of specified MRI images generated by their MRI system, this is to demonstrate that they are of diagnostic quality. The images are submitted to the MRI Clinical Image Review Panel which comprises experienced MRI Radiologists.

All resources required to support these processes are provided below:

MRI Radiologists

Practices providing MRI services should also note that all clinical radiologists providing MRI services need to demonstrate that they meet minimum MRI training requirements.

Medicare Australia uses 'participation in the RANZCR Quality and Accreditation Program' as one of the eligibility criteria under MRI Eligible Provider regulations. All eligible providers for MRI declare that they are participants in the Quality and Accreditation Program in their MRI Statutory Declarations to Medicare Australia, which means they are declaring that they are complying with MRI-specific CPD requirements in the Standards of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and, the MRI Quality Program.

MRI Quality and Accreditation Program Radiologist Participation Form


For details of current fees relating to MRI Registration see College Fees page

How to Register

Please complete an MRI System registration form.

Practices may also re-register on an annual basis by completing the MRI Annual Re-registration Form