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How you can help.

Making a donation to RANZCR will help to advance the professions of clinical radiology and radiation oncology.

With the generous support of donors, we provide grants and scholarships to support education, research and to promote the profession.

Your donation to RANZCR can provide financial relief to those starting out in the profession or more experienced members experiencing hardship.

It can assist with directly helping to fund our consumer facing website used to provide current information to those with cancer, Targeting Cancer.

Alternatively, your donation can also be used to help overcome disadvantage amongst Indigenous communities, as a contribution towards more equitable health and work outcomes.

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RANZCR appreciates your support. 

How your donation will help 

Supporting equitable health and work outcomes

RANZCR is committed to supporting the professions of clinical radiology and radiation oncology to contribute to equitable work and health outcomes for Māori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This work is central to the strategic objectives of the College and is reflected in the College’s Strategic Plan.

We will honour our commitment to Indigenous health by:

  • increasing the number of Maori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the clinical radiology and radiation oncology workforce
  • ensuring cultural safety is an essential component of clinical safety, and aligns with best practice and the accreditation standards of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ)
  • building and maintaining sustainable relationships with the Indigenous health sector
  • ensuring College governance and strategic plans address Maori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' health.

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Supporting students and members in distress

From time-to-time RANZCR gives it members discounts on membership or education fees. We believe it is right to support our colleagues where necessary. These discounts are generally for members in distress - when members are in-between jobs, having to support extended family members, have an extended or significant illness, or are victims of domestic abuse.

Research and education

The College appreciates donations for the purposes of research and education:

The Research and Education Fund supports the scientific advancement of clinical radiology and radiation oncology through the provision of research grants and funding for further education for members.

The JP Trainor Archive Trust enables the College to preserve the history of the clinical radiology and radiation oncology professions for future generations.

Targeting Cancer

The Targeting Cancer campaign aims to raise the profile of radiation oncology amongst consumers and other health care professionals in Australia and New Zealand, thereby increasing awareness of radiation therapy as a treatment option for cancer. The Targeting Cancer campaign will ensure:

  • the best interests of the patient will be acted upon
  • high quality healthcare is provided
  • the integrity of the profession of radiation oncology, RANZCR and the Faculty of Radiation Oncology is upheld.


Our donor promise   

RANZCR recognises that it is our privilege to be the recipients of generous donations from our members and supporters. Your donation makes a significant contribution to important areas of the profession, helps members in need, and will improve outcomes of several significant causes.

We make the following pledge to you:

  • Your donation will be used for the sole purpose of supporting the causes outlined above.
  • We will strive to keep our cost of fundraising as low as possible while delivering the greatest impact.
  • Information about your donation will be handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  • You can be assured that our methods of fundraising are constantly reviewed, ethically-based, and minimise cost while maximising impact.
  • You will receive information on the outcomes of our initiatives from time to time.
  • If you have questions, comments, or feedback you can expect prompt, transparent, truthful, and forthright answers.


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Please note:

Donations of $2.00 or more are eligible to be claimed as tax deduction

Donations to the JP Trainor Archive Trust Fund are not tax deductible.