Examination Prizes

The College presents prizes on a yearly basis to the most successful candidates in College examinations.

National Examination Prizes

Winners of each of these prizes are awarded a cash prize equivalent to the cost of their exam fee. They are also offered complimentary early bird registration to the RANZCR Annual Scientific Meeting for that year.

CE Eddy Prize

For the most successful candidate in the Part 1 Clinical Radiology/Phase 1 Radiation Oncology examinations
This prize is named in honour of the late Dr Cecil Eddy, a former Director of what is now the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (formerly the Australian Radiation Laboratory), who did much to establish a sound physical basis for the practice of radiology in Australia.

HR Sear Prize

For the most successful candidate in the Part 2 Clinical Radiology examinations
This prize honours Dr Herbert Ray Sear, an early President of the College, who enjoyed an international reputation in skeletal radiology.

MGF Donnan Prize

For the best candidate in Pathology at the Part 2 examinations in Clinical Radiology
This prize honours the late Dr Gordon Donnan who is remembered as one of a small band of radiologists who steered the College through its formative years. 

Kaye Scott Prize

For the most outstanding performance in the Radiation Oncology examinations
This prize is named in honour of the late Dr Kaye Scott, who played a vital role in the life of our College for many years in roles such as President, Warden of the Membership and Chair of various Education Committees.


Local Examination Prizes

Uhr Clarke Bursary

For the top Queensland Part 2/Phase 2 examination candidates in both Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology.
This bursary commemorates the contribution of two Queensland Foundation College Fellows – Dr (later Sir) Clive Uhr and Dr Burnett Clarke. Drs Clarke and Uhr served together at the 10th Australian General Hospital during World War II and, following the fall of Singapore 1942, were both incarcerated in Changi Prisoner of War Camp until the end of the war. Both doctors, working in dreadful conditions with virtually no supplies, provided life-saving medical treatments to fellow prisoners.

The winner of this bursary receives AU$5,000 to assist them in attending an accredited overseas conference of Fellowship.