CT Image Review Self Audit

CT imaging should only be performed in circumstances where the medical benefit outweighs any associated risk, and where the required clinical information that will support a patient's treatment cannot be achieved by other imaging methods such as ultrasound or MRI, which do not involve radiation exposure. Where CT imaging is performed, it is important that diagnostic image quality is maintained at the lowest possible radiation dose to the patient.

The Standards of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology require CT services to undertake the RANZCR CT Image Review Self Audit on a regular basis. This self-administered audit activity is designed to support CT services in ensuring that they are achieving reproducibly diagnostic quality CT images to support optimum patient outcomes.

The revised protocol will implement dose optimisation principles flowing from CT Dose Optimisation projects and will support clinical radiology practices with their participation in the ARPANSA National MDCT Dose Reference Level Survey by providing a standardised process and method for reviewing CT image quality.