Radiation Oncology Training Program

The Radiation Oncology Training Program is designed as a five-year training program and structured in two major phases. This sequencing is to ensure trainees develop foundation knowledge and skills during Phase 1 and then have the opportunity to further develop their abilities and breadth of practice during Phase 2 of the training program.  

  • Phase 1 extends from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 30 months
  • Phase 2 is dependent on trainees demonstrating competency (usually a minimum of 36 months).

Training is undertaken through accredited network training sites. Trainees rotate to several training sites throughout their training. Trainees are required to complete rotations to ensure they are not at one site for four years.

Training is undertaken through accredited network training sites. Trainees rotate to several training sites throughout their training. 

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General Information about Radiation Oncology