Radiation Oncology Examination

About the Examination

2022 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Examinations

There are two major examinations in the Radiation Oncology Training Program. 

From 2022, all Radiation Oncology Examinations will be aligned to the 2022 Training Program Learning Outcomes, regardless of examination format. Please see RANZCR's new Radiation Oncology Handbook and Learning Outcomes for more information.

The Phase 1 Examination is a written examination that assesses a trainee's knowledge of the theoretical basis of the Oncology Sciences. It is usually taken in the second year of training.

There are two papers, both of which consist of six short answer questions in the 3 Oncology Science subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • Radiation Oncology Physics
  • Radiation and Cancer Biology

The Phase 2 Examination consists of written and viva (oral) examinations that assess a candidate's knowledge of the theoretical and practical basis of radiation therapy, clinical oncology and pathology. It is usually taken in the final year of training.

  • Radiation Therapy 1: five short answer/short essay questions
  • Radiation Therapy 2: five short answer/short essay questions
  • Clinical Oncology: six short answer/short essay questions
  • Pathology: six short answer/short essay questions
  • Planning exam: One long and six short questions (with clinical prompt images)  
  • Clinical (prompt and patient) cases: Eight cases (with clinical prompt images)  
  • Pathology: Six questions (with clinical prompts and specimen images)