Wellbeing for Trainees

As specialists in training, it can be challenging to balance the competing demands of your professional and personal commitments. The College prioritises the wellbeing of trainees, understanding that a healthy workforce is integral to the quality of patient care and the sustainability of our professions.

RANZCR Training Liaison Officers (TLOs) have newly appointed two TLOs: one for Australia and Singapore and one in New Zealand. The TLOs will support trainees on individual issues and concerns as they arise throughout their training program. The TLOs will help guide all trainee issues, using College policies or other tools where necessary, to maintain a healthy trainee-work-life balance. Practical and confidential support is provided in a safe and transparent manner and available to all metro, regional and rural trainees.

TLOs offer:

  • check-ins on your overall wellbeing
  • advice and guidance on RANZCR training programs
  • facilitated discussions with or on behalf of trainees, involving but not limited to college departments and committees, DoTs, NTDs, TNDs and ESOs
  • updates about key issues or changes made by the college, that may impact trainees.

Contact Details

Monday – Friday 9.00–3.30 pm (AEST & NZDT)

Tuesday evening 6.00–8.00 pm (AEST & NZDT)

Lisa Grayson:      +61 437 893 913

Jenna Howell:     +64 2 7434 8515

Email:                  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.