Radiation Oncology Working Groups

The Faculty of Radiation Oncology has a number of time-limited working groups that develop policy or guidelines and provide advice or support to the Faculty. On this page you will find details of these working groups.

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MBS Review Working Group

This group provides advice on changes or proposed changes emerging from or related to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review in Australia.

Mentoring Working Group

To develop a mentoring program for trainees and early career Fellows in radiation oncology. View Terms of Reference

Particle Therapy Working Group

To facilitate the Faculty’s leadership and drive and inform its policy and advocacy work in the area of particle therapy, to ensure equitable patient access to quality particle therapy in Australia and New Zealand.

Radiation Oncology Implementation Working Group

This Group is a high level working group reporting to the Training and Assessment Reform Taskforce tasked with implementing the changes to the Radiation Oncology Training Program.

Radiation Oncology Training Accreditation Working Group

The role of the Radiation Oncology Training Accreditation Working Group is to monitor advise and assess sites/networks and make recommendations to ROETC to ensure the current Accreditation Standards and Criteria for Training Networks and Sites are maintained. View Terms of Reference