Founded in 1935, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) is a not-for-profit professional organisation for clinical radiologists and radiation oncologists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We administer training programs for admission into our professions, accreditation for overseas-trained specialists, and a continuing professional development program for our members.

Through policy, advocacy, quality and standards and research activities, we work with our members to promote the science and practice of clinical radiology, and radiation oncology.

The College is a membership organisation led by clinicians who are democratically elected by the membership, with oversight from a Board of Directors.

RANZCR encompasses two Faculties, the Faculty of Clinical Radiology and the Faculty of Radiation Oncology. The Faculties are the peak bodies for our professions in Australia and New Zealand.

We have local branches in New Zealand, each state of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

Our Values

Commitment to Best Practice

Exemplified through an evidence-based culture, a focus on patient outcomes and equity of access to high quality care; an attitude of compassion and empathy.

Acting with Integrity

Exemplified through an ethical approach: doing what is right, not what is expedient; a forward thinking and collaborative attitude and a patient-centric focus.


Exemplified through strong leadership that is accountable to members; patient engagement at professional and organisational levels.


Exemplified through a culture of leadership where we demonstrate outcomes.

Strategic Priorities

The RANZCR Strategy to 2021 is underpinned by five key pillars - Engagement, Advocacy, Education, Clinical Excellence and Organisational Governance and Sustainability. It provides a clear direction for our work as we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on patient care and the professional life of our members. It is about delivering value for members.

The RANZCR Strategy to 2021 is available below.