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Get Involved as a Trainer or Examiner

The College encourages qualified members to play these important roles in the Radiation Oncology Training Program.

Assessor, Expert Adviser or Examiner

There are a number of roles for assessors, expert advisers and examiners at various stages of the training program. See these information sheets:

To apply for one of these roles,see the application forms below:

Director of Training

Directors of Training are the College’s representatives within accredited training departments, providing liaison between trainees and hospital or department administration.

For more information see:

The College regularly holds workshops for Directors of Training. During 2021, the College will be hosting a series of webinars to equip Directors of Training and clinical supervisors with the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver components of the Enhanced Training Program.

The first of these webinars will focus on the theory of Programmatic Assessment as well as how it is being incorporated into the Enhanced Training Program.

To find out more about these webinars and to register please click on the link below:

Programmatic Assessment Webinar Series

Research Mentor

Research mentors foster the research interests of trainees early in their career.

For more information see:

Resources for Trainers in Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Learning Management System

The College’s Learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform for College members that provides educational resources such as online tutorials, e-learning courses and journals and is available at any time. Some of the modules available include communication, performance feedback, the role of a manager and managing others.

A full list of courses is available within the LMS. Access the LMS through the Learning Portal.

For more information, including guidance on how to access the Learning Portal, see Learning Portal help.

Director of Training Workshop Recordings

Recordings of previous DoT Workshops can be found via the webcast library.

The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) courses

ESME courses are designed for those new to teaching, and for teachers with some experience who would like a greater understanding of the basic principles and an update on current best practice. The courses recognise that all teachers, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching.

The course runs across 12 weeks and is made up of webinars, reading and discussion boards with participants. It is a great introduction to medical education and participants who complete course assignments receive an AMEE-ESME Certificate in Medical Education in the areas addressed by the course.

For more information visit the AMEE website to register.

Radiation Oncology Assessments

For details of the assessment exercises required during the radiation oncology training program, see Assessment in the Trainees section.

Assessment documentation for clinical supervisors is listed below.

Clinical Assignments

Please note the Clinical Assignments are password protected. Details of the password are provided to approved Directors of Training and can be accessed by emailing the radiation oncology training team

2015 Clinical Assignment 1- Supervisor

2016 Clinical Assignment 2 - Supervisor

2015 Clinical Assignment 3 - Supervisor

2016 Clinical Assignment 4 – Supervisor

2016 Clinical Assignment 5 - Supervisor

Clinical Assignments – Preceding Versions

Clinical Assignment 1 - Supervisor

Clinical Assignment 2 - Supervisor

Clinical Assignment 3 - Supervisor

Clinical Assignment 4 - Supervisor

Clinical Assignment 5 - Supervisor

Other Resources

Mini-CEX Debrief and Feedback

Clinical Supervisor Assessment (CSA) Giving Feedback Notes

Director of Training (DoT) Giving Feedback Notes