ePortfolio Resources and Support 

Our Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology Training Programs are administered in the ePortfolioThe ePortfolio is the repository where trainees will record, monitor and review all training requirements for the training program. Trainees will receive a login when they have been accepted into the training program.

User Manuals

These comprehensive guides are designed to provide you with detailed instructions on how to make the most of the ePortfolio.  The user manuals are designed so that each section can be read independently. You do not need to read the manual cover to cover, as each section provides all the information necessary for a particular aspect of using the ePortfolio. This enables you to focus on the specific features you need, without having to sift through unnecessary information.

CR ePortfolio usermanual background                                                              ROePortfolio usermanual background

How to video library

These how-to video guides have been developed to provide instruction on specific areas of need when completing tasks in the ePortfolio. You can view the video library here:  RANZCR Presentation Library - ePortfolio


Or you can access the video recordings below:


Here are some commonly asked questions that can help provide information about the ePortfolio.