Annual Scientific Meeting Prizes

Exhibit and Paper Prizes 

A range of prizes are offered for scientific papers and exhibits submitted by College members at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting and the College’s New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting. For more information, visit the ASM website and the New Zealand ASM website.

Varian Medical Systems Educational Grant 

The Varian Medical Systems Educational Grants enable radiation oncology trainees in their first or second year of training to take part in the RANZCR Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM). Grants of AU$2,000 are available for trainees outside the host city, to cover ASM registration costs, travel and accommodation, and of AU$965 for trainees within the host city to cover ASM registration costs only.

This opportunity has been made possible by a grant from the Varian Medical Systems Educational Grant Corporate Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Applications for the 2021 ASM are now closed.


Branch of Origin

Participating branches of the College hold an annual Trainee Presentation Evening, with the most outstanding presentation awarded a prize of up to AU$1,200 to present at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting at the ‘Branch of Origin’ session, as part of the Trainee Learning Day.

At the Branch of Origin session, trainees from each state battle it out for a prize of up to AU$5,000 to assist with attendance at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting the following year. The presentations will be judged on a number of criteria including but not limited to:

  • clearly stated and valid purpose research
  • appropriate and valid method description
  • scientific impact
  • clear and concise presentation
  • overall visual style of the presentation.

The event is open to all clinical radiology trainees in Years 1-5; however, trainees in Year 1-3 are encouraged to consider this an essential part of their learning process for Project 1.

Contact your local Branch for information on your Trainee Presentation Evening.