Past Quality Projects

Education Modules for Appropriate Imaging Referrals

A suite of 10 stand-alone web-based educational modules has been developed to encourage more appropriate medical imaging referrals by influencing how health professionals think about the place of imaging in patient assessment and care. The modules are designed to be delivered early in a health professional’s career.

Along with the education modules, a free smartphone app has been created to walk users through the clinical decision rules. “Imaging CDRs” is available for iOS and Android users.

Find out more and see the modules

Appropriate Use of Medical Imaging in Rural and Remote Emergency Departments

Improving the appropriateness of referrals for medical imaging, thereby enhancing the quality of clinical care, is an important issue, especially in rural health where there may be more limited resources and increased patient travel time to imaging facilities.

Webinars for rural medical specialists were held to raise awareness of the Education Modules for Appropriate Imaging Referrals.

CT Dose Optimisation Projects

Radiation exposure of patients undergoing CT examinations is a concern for all clinical radiologists and has been a ‘hot topic’ in the media. It is the largest source of medical radiation exposure and has been linked to an increased risk of cancer. This has made it imperative to minimise exposure while maintaining image quality. Scanner specific education and training is needed to achieve this.

Reports from the CT Dose Optimisation QLD and Paediatric CT Dose projects are available on request. Please email the Quality and Standards team

Guidance for GP Referrals for MRI Studies

The aim of this project was to develop best practice guidance materials to help general practitioners make appropriate use of the new MRI studies that Australian GPs could refer for under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

From the project, a guidance document and video were developed.

Quality Consumer Services

This project investigated what was required to improve consumer-focused, accessible and coordinated services that promoted informed choice and met consumer needs.

  • Consumer roles in accreditation
  • Consumer information strategies (phases 1 & 2)
  • Consumer information strategies (phases 3 & 4)
  • Multidisciplinary models of care

Reports are available upon request. Please email the Quality and Standards team.

Quality Referrals

This project supported referrals that were evidence-based, and that facilitated the most appropriate diagnostic imaging services provision, maximised health benefit, and informed and empowered consumers.

  • Scoping study of eHealth
  • Standards for portable media (part 1)
  • Standards for portable media (part 2)
  • Radiology and general practice
  • Review of DI referrals
  • Referral templates
  • Allied health DI referrals
  • Clinical scholars in EBP
  • NICS/RANZCR Fellowship

Reports are available upon request. Please email the Quality and Standards team.

Quality Services Accredited Providers

This project focussed on development recommendations for professional practice standards and supervision requirements, through uniform standards, guidelines and accreditation processes.

  • Professional supervision standards
  • Role evolution
  • Closing the loop – DI communication in the emergency department
  • Standards for clinical teleradiology
  • Credentialing requirements for radiology
  • Radiology Events Register (RaER)
  • Paediatric CT dose optimisation
  • Reports are available upon request.

Please email the Quality and Standards team.

Economically Sustainable Services

This project investigated what was required to support economically sustainable, affordable diagnostic and interventional imaging services that promoted health, and provided cost-effective diagnostic and treatment procedures.

  • Review of accreditation of radiology practices
  • Promoting public awareness of the appropriate use of diagnostic imaging
  • Diagnostic imaging technology assessment and implementation

Reports are available upon request. Please email the Quality and Standards team.