Faculty of Clinical Radiology

The RANZCR Faculty of Clinical Radiology is the peak body for diagnostic and interventional radiology in Australia and New Zealand.

What we do

The Faculty sets, promotes and continuously improves the standards of training and practice in clinical radiology for the betterment of the people of Australia and New Zealand.

It acts in the following areas to advance the profession and its relationships with government, the wider medical system and the public:

  • Study, advancement of knowledge and research in the field of clinical radiology
  • Skill, expertise and ethical professional standards
  • Quality and rigour in training and assessment
  • The needs of consumers and the community
  • Development of standards of practice
  • Matters of public interest connected to clinical radiology
  • Collaboration with clinicians, health practitioners and others.


The Faculty of Clinical Radiology is governed by a Council, which oversees all bodies within the Faculty.

The Faculty also has committees for specific operational areas, and Special Interest Groups and reference groups for subspecialties and areas of practice.


Policy and Advocacy

The Faculty develops a range of policies and position statements on matters relating to clinical radiology services, and actively engages with governments. In the lead up to the 2019 Australian federal election, RANZCR liaised with all major parties on the issues most important to our members, resulting in a number of commitments from each party to help improve the quality of healthcare for Australians. The commitments can be viewed here.

Visit our advocacy page to see other initiatives undertaken by the College.

Quality and Standards

The Faculty of Clinical Radiology has a range of initiatives to improve the safety, quality and standards of clinical radiology services in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about quality and standards initiatives.

Professional standards relating to clinical radiologists are ratified by the Faculty of Clinical Radiology Council.
Visit our professional documents index for further information.

Informing Clinicians and Consumers

Choosing Wisely

The Faculty has identified six imaging procedures that clinicians and consumers should question, through their work on the Choosing Wisely initiatives in Australia and New Zealand. Read our recommendations.


Information is provided for health consumers and referring practitioners on InsideRadiology, the Faculty’s flagship resource on clinical radiology tests, treatments and procedures.

Training Program

Further information about the training program for clinical radiologists is available on our Join our professions page.

 Body Systems Framework

The Faculty has developed an anatomically based diagnostic imaging descriptor table. This Body Systems Framework (BSF) is designed to better align medical imaging services with clinical practice which can be used to support the planning and management of radiology initiatives. The BSF is available for download at the bottom of this page.

For further information about the Faculty’s work see Our Work.