Structure and Governance

Board of Directors

RANZCR is a clinician-led organisation and the Board of Directors is the overarching governing body. The Board has responsibility and oversight of:

  • Determining the RANZCR mission, purpose and strategic priorities
  • Ensuring legal and ethical integrity
  • Ensuring effective planning and performance
  • Strengthening programs and services
  • Ensuring effective communication with members
  • Ensuring adequate resources, protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight
  • Enhancing the College's public standing
  • Selecting, supporting and evaluating the Chief Executive Officer.

The Faculty Councils

The College’s structure also includes:

Faculty of Clinical Radiology Committee Structure  

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Committee Structure

Branches and Committees

The College’s structure also includes:

  • Branches in every state of Australia, the ACT and New Zealand
  • Committees dedicated to specific areas of the College’s operations.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing the College’s operations.

College Organisational Structure

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Annual Report

The College’s Annual Report is published in September each year prior to the Annual General Meeting, which is held in October at the Annual Scientific Meeting.


View the 2022–2023 Annual Report  View the 2022–2023 Financial Report

Previous years

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