Structure and Governance

Board of Directors

RANZCR is a clinician led organisation and the Board of Directors is the overarching governing body. The Board has responsibility and oversight of:

  • Determining the RANZCR mission, purpose and strategic priorities
  • Ensuring legal and ethical integrity
  • Ensuring effective planning and performance
  • Strengthening programs and services
  • Ensuring effective communication with members
  • Ensuring adequate resources, protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight
  • Enhancing the College's public standing
  • Selecting, supporting and evaluating the Chief Executive Officer

The College Board has eight members comprising:

  • the President
  • the Deans of the two Faculties
  • the Chair of the New Zealand Branch
  • three elected Fellows
  • a co-opted person who is not a member of the College.




President Dr Lance Lawler, MBChB FRANZCR, PLD (Harvard) CDC Fellowship 1995; Board member since 2013 NZ
Dean, Faculty of Clinical Radiology Clinical A/Prof Sanjay Jenganathan, MBChB, M.MED, FRANZCR Fellowship 2003; Board member since 2019 WA
Dean, Faculty of Radiation Oncology Dr Madhavi Chilkuri, MBBS, MD, MPH, FRANZCR Fellowship 2010; Board member since 2019 QLD
Chair, New Zealand Branch Dr Gabriel Lau, MBChB (Otago), FRANZCR, EBIR; Board member since 2018 NZ
Elected Fellow Dr Brigid Hickey, MBBS DRACR FRANZCR Fellowship 1997; Board member since 2015 QLD
Elected Fellow Dr Alan Coulthard, MBBS BMedSci FRCSEd FRCR FRANZCR MAICD; Board member since 2020 QLD
Elected Fellow Dr Yvonne Ho, AAGM, MBBS (Uni of Melb), FRANZCR, FAANMS, GAICD; Board member since 2018 VIC
Non-Fellow Prof Vin Massaro, BA, PhD (Monash) Company Director’s Diploma, FAICD, FAIM, Hon FATEM, MACE; Non-Fellow Board member since 2014 VIC

RANZCR Board 2019 (1 of 26).jpg

Back row L-R: Dr Gabriel Lau, Dr Madhavi Chilkuri, Dr Lance Lawler, Dr Peter Prattan 
Front Row L-R: Dr Yvonne Ho, Prof Vin Massaro, Dr Brigid Hickey, Clinical A/Prof Sanjay Jeganathan

The Faculty Councils

The College’s structure also includes:

 Faculty of Clinical Radiology  




President Dr Lance Lawler NZ 
Dean  Clin A/Prof Sanjay Jeganathan  WA 
Chief Censor  Dr Meredith Thomas SA 
Chief of Professional Practice A/Prof Dinesh Varma VIC
Elected Fellow A/Prof Ross O'Neil ACT
Elected Fellow  Dr Katherine O'Connor  NZ 
Elected Fellow  Dr Ronny Low WA
Elected Fellow  Prof Mark Phillips QLD
Elected Fellow Dr Rajiv Rattan  NSW
Elected Fellow A/Prof Gerard Goh  VIC
Elected Fellow Dr Lisa Sorger SA
Elected Fellow Dr Catherine Mandel  VIC
Elected Fellow Dr Sibtain Raza TAS
Trainee Member Dr Matthew Lukies VIC
Consumer Representative Ms Jacqui Gibson   

2020FCRC Crop

L-R (Top) Dr Lance Lawler, Dr Matthew Lukies, Dr Gerard Goh, Dr Sibtain Raza, A/Prof Dinesh Varma, Dr Rajiv Rattan, A/Prof Ross O’Neil (Absent; Ms Jacqui Gibson)

L-R (bottom): Dr Lisa Sorger, Dr Ronny Low, Dr Catherine Mandel, Clin A/Prof Sanjay Jeganathan, Dr Meredith Thomas, Dr Mark Phillips, Dr Kate O’ConnorL-R (bottom): Dr Lisa Sorger, Dr Ronny Low, Dr Catherine Mandel, Clin A/Prof Sanjay Jeganathan, Dr Meredith Thomas, Dr Mark Phillips, Dr Kate O’Connor

Faculty of Radiation Oncology




President  Dr Lance Lawler  NZ
Dean  Dr Madhavi Chilkuri QLD
Chief Censor  Dr Yaw Chin NSW
Elected Fellow  Dr Carol Johnson NZ
Elected Fellow   Dr Keen-Hun Tai VIC
Elected Fellow  Dr Johann Tang Singapore
Elected Fellow  Dr Ziad Thotathil NZ
Elected Fellow  Prof Liz Kenny QLD
Elected Fellow  Dr Siddhartha Baxi QLD
Elected Fellow A/Prof Sandra Turner NSW
Elected Fellow Dr Gerard Adams QLD
Elected Fellow Dr Angela Allen QLD
Casual Vacancy Prof Daniel Roos SA
Co-opted Member A/Prof Jeremy Millar VIC
Trainee Member Dr Wee Loon Ong VIC
Consumer Representative Ms Lee Hunt   NSW
Others Dr Giuseppe Sasso TROG President


L-R (Top) Dr Angela Allen, Prof Jeremy Millar, Dr Gerry Adams, Dr Keen-hun Tai, A/Prof Sandra Turner, Prof Daniel Roos, Dr Giuseppe Sasso, Dr Ziad Thotathil, Dr Wee Loon Ong, Dr Siddhartha Baxi

L-R (Bottom) Dr Yaw Chin, Ms Lee Hunt, Dr Madhavi Chilkuri (Dean), Dr Carol Johnson, Prof Lizbeth Kenny AO Absent: Dr Johann Tang, Dr Lance Lawler (President)

Branches and Committees

The College’s structure also includes:

  • Branches in every state of Australia, the ACT, and New Zealand
  • Committees dedicated to specific areas of the College’s operations.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is responsible for overseeing the College’s operations.

Mark Nevin

Mark Nevin 
Chief Executive Officer

Mark has held several high-level positions in international peak membership bodies overseeing policy, strategy, regulation and government affairs.  He has wide ranging experience of governance, policy development and the implementation of strategy. His qualifications include a BSc Economics, MSc in European Politics and Governance and certificates in leadership development and the AICD company director’s course. Prior to his work in membership organisations, Mark spent 10 years delivering front line care as an optometrist.  He has also served on numerous national and international committees, including four years as a board member of the European Council of Optometry and Optics. 

Prior to taking up the RANZCR CEO position in September 2020, Mark oversaw the Faculties of Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology and led our policy and advocacy work for six years.

Jennifer Maher headshot

Jennifer Maher 
Head of Finance

Jennifer Maher has over 20 years’ experience including across a range of positions with experience in formulating business strategy, financial management, operations and change management. She has worked across various industries including Biomtech, Investment funds, Pharmaceutical and FMCG and before joining RANZCR, she served as a Chief Financial Officer and Finance DirectorJennifer holds a Bachelor of Business major in Accounting and is a member of CPA Australia since 1994.

Pamela Taylor

Pamela Spoors 
Head of Specialty Training

Pamela has worked in marketing for a number of years with educational and/or not-for-profit organisations. She has an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management, and in 2014 was a finalist as the Australian Institute Management, Not-For-Profit Manager of the Year. Pamela has been with the College since 2002 with primary responsibility for leading and coordinating the College’s Member Engagement and Services Unit programs. As Head of Specialty Training, Pamela is responsible for the College’s clinical radiology and radiation oncology training programs and associated examinations and assessments. Pamela was appointed to the Head of Specialty Training in 2015, previously holding the Head of Member Engagement role from 2009.

Craig Horton

Craig Horton 
Head of Information Technology

Craig has over 20 years’ experience working for professional services organisations with experience bridging information technology, business strategy, change management, operations and leadership, enterprise and solutions architecture, and application development. He has designed and implemented many complex business system strategies and architectures throughout Australia and New Zealand, UK and Europe. Over the past four years, Craig is Head of IT for RANZCR, he is responsible for providing IT leadership and co-ordination for all college IT functions. He supports the CEO in translating and realising business strategies and objectives into tangible IT initiatives. Craig was also a shortlisted nominee for the 2016 CIO50 Australia and named in the 2017 CIO100 New Zealand. Craig was appointed in 2014.

Munish Verma 01

Munish Verma 
Head of Member Engagement and Services Unit

An experienced and multi award winning senior business leader and sales manager with a vast array of expertise, Munish has demonstrated success in technology (SaaS), education, healthcare and the finance sector. With skills in business planning, executive management, new business acquisition, product launches, government procurement procedures and executive account management he is a medical professional with a Masters Degree of Public Health (M.P.H.) with Health Care Management and Planning from University of Wollongong.


Annual Report

The College’s Annual Report is published in September each year prior to the Annual General Meeting, which is held in October at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

View the 2019-2020 Annual Report

View the 2019-2020 Financial Report

Previous years

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