Radiation Oncology Training Requirements - Phase 1

Phase 1 Training Requirements

Demonstrated progress with Work-Based Assessment.

Patient Encounter Assessment Tool (PEAT)

A minimum of ten assessments which focus on the trainee’s ability to obtain a history, conduct a physical examination, interpret patient’s investigations or order additional investigations as required, and synthesise this information into a management plan. Five of these assessments must include the Clinical Supervisor observing the trainee with the patient.

Contouring and Plan Evaluation Tool (CPET)

A minimum of ten assessments which focus on the trainee’s ability to prepare a radiation therapy plan.

Communication Skills Tool (CST)

Assessments of the trainee’s communication skills in each of the following contexts:

  • during an initial consultation
  • a follow up consultation or treatment review
  • explaining a management plan to a patient and obtaining informed consent
  • breaking bad news

A minimum of one Work-Based Assessment should be completed each month to obtain regular feedback.

Oncology Sciences Workshops

Three Oncology Sciences workshops provide some formal learning in relation to radiation oncology physics and radiation and cancer biology. Trainees must attend at least two.

Phase 1 Practical Oncology Experiences (POEs)

  • Two pathology sessions
  • Four radiation planning sessions
  • Four radiation delivery sessions

Clinical Supervisor Appraisal every three months.

Director of Training Review every six months.

Phase 1 Review of trainees’ portfolios at no later than 24 months into Phase 1, to check progress toward completing Phase 1.

One Multisource Feedback (MSF) completed within the first 12 months.

Trainees must complete the Trainee Assessment of Training Sites (TATS) every six months.

Trainees must complete a minimum 12 months of accredited training time and all Structured Learning Experiences to be eligible to sit for the Phase 1 Examination. The Phase 1 Examination includes three subject papers, each of two hours duration.

Trainees may present for portfolio review by Network Portfolio Review Committee, after a minimum of 18 months of accredited training time.

Overall, the trainee’s e-Portfolio must:

  • record the completion of all Phase 1 training requirements referred to in this table
  • demonstrate learning and progress on a variety of clinical cases, as assessed by multiple assessors
  • demonstrate learning and progress in acquiring competence in the intrinsic roles.

Trainees must achieve Level 2 on the overall entrustability scale for at least half of the PEAT and CPET, and Level 3 on the CST for each scenario.