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Position Statements and Submissions

Below you will find an index of position statements and submissions produced by RANZCR as part of our work to advocate for the clinical radiology and radiation oncology professions. Search by keyword and use the filters to find what you're looking for.

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Shared debt recovery scheme submission

RANZCR sees merit in the Shared Debt Recovery Scheme but believes that it is geared more toward general practice and is not an ideal fit for the radiology or radiation oncology sectors.


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Clinical Radiology

Molecular Breast Imaging Breast Specific Gamma Imaging Position Statement

This policy statement documents the position taken by the Faculty of Clinical Radiology, on the advice of the Breast Imaging Advisory Committee, regarding the use of MBI / BSGI to detect breast cancer.

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Clinical Radiology

Position Paper on Building eReferral Safety and Patient Choice

RANZCR strongly supports the adoption of eReferral in radiology. Secure electronic networks can improve how clinical and administrative information is exchanged between healthcare providers, resulting in better delivery of care. Safeguarding patient ...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Statement of Agreed Principles on a Respectful Culture in Medicine

The Board endorsed the joint statement of principles regarding a respectful culture in medicine in March 2017. This aligns with the College’s Code of Ethics and supports the principles which focus on promoting environments which are safe, inclusive...
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Radiation Oncology

FRO Submission to the report from Urology Clinical Committee

The Faculty of Radiation Oncology (the Faculty) appreciated having had the opportunity to work constructively with the Urology Clinical Committee during the course of its work. We welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on the MBS Review Taskforc...
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Clinical Radiology

FCR Responses to the DICC Report

1. Imaging of Head and Neck Recommendation 1: Consolidate x-ray items for petrous temporal bone (items 57906 and 57909) with mastoid bone (items 57920 and 57923). 1. Imaging of Head and Neck: RANZCR supports this recommendation. Consolidating items...
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Clinical Radiology

Clinical Radiology Gynacological Clinical Committee Report

Submission to the Report from the Gynaecology Clinical Committee RANZCR supports the recommendation for the indications outlined above with a comment. The two-year restriction should not apply as there are occasions where endometriosis surgery is ne...
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Clinical Radiology

Clinical Radiology Urology Clinical Committee Response

Submission to the Report from the Urology Clinical Committee RANZCR supports this recommendation and the generic embolisation item number.RANZCR supports this recommendation and the generic embolisation item number.Currently interventional radiologi...
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Clinical Radiology

FPM Position Statement on procedures in Pain Medicine

Please find here, a copy of the FPM Position Statement.


You can read the RANZCR response to the FPM position statement here.

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Clinical Radiology