Learning Opportunities

The Write Stuff: Effective Communication and the Clinical Radiology Report

The Radiology written report is the main way in which you, as a radiologist, communicate your interpretation of imaging findings.  It is the core of your professional presence and a key product of radiology as a medical specialty.

The RANZCR report writing module aims to review the most important factors that impact on report quality.  Module material is drawn from several clinical practice guidelines, including the 2017 revised RANZCR Written Report Guideline, the results of the 2016 consultation regarding the RANZCR Written Report Guideline and review by RANZCR committees, as well as publication in the radiology literature.

The module is freely available to RANZCR members within the Learning Management System to access the module:

  1. Select the LMS log in and enter log in details: https://www.myranzcr.com/SignIn
  2. Once logged in, make sure that you click on the “search courses” tab (when you come in, you automatically land on the “search resources” tab.
  3. From the “search courses” page, search for “report” and this should be the only module to appear.
  4. Click on the “enrol” link to the right of the module name (in the screenshot below, it’s “start” as I’ve already enrolled) and confirm you’d like to enrol in the course.
  5. Click on “start” (per below), which will take you to the next screen.
  6. Click “Launch” and the module will open in a new window.

RANZCR Learning Management System

The College’s Learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform that provides College members with educational resources such as online tutorials, e-learning courses, and journals. Some of the modules available include communication, performance feedback, the role of a manager and managing others. A full list of courses is available within the LMS. For a step by step guide on how to access the RANZCR Learning Portal, please refer to the Logging into the Learning Portal document.

For more information see LMS User Guide, LMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), LMS for trainees

RANZCR Trainee Learning Day

The Trainee Learning Day forms part of the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting (usually Friday). The program for the day is determined by the Clinical Radiology Trainees Committees and usually includes teaching sessions, trainee presentations (Branch of Origins, Varian session), a discussion forum and dedicated topical sessions.

RANZCR Branch of Origin

The RANZCR Branch of Origin was established to support the training research requirements of Clinical Radiology. This activity is open to all clinical radiology trainees in Years 1-5; however, trainees in Year 1-3 are encouraged to consider this an essential part of their learning process for Project 1.

Participating Branches of the College hold an annual Trainee Presentation Evening, where trainees present their research work in line with the training research requirements. The most outstanding presentation from each Branch then presents at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting in the ‘Branch of Origin’ session, as part of the Trainee Learning Day.

There are awards/prizes available to trainees at a Branch level and at the national level, including a perpetual shield.

RANZCR Educational Modules of Appropriate Imaging Referrals

RANZCR’s Educational Modules for Appropriate Imaging Referrals have been specifically developed for health professionals early in their career - university medical students and recent graduates; however, the modules and associated resources can be used by experienced clinicians and allied health professionals. The modules are interactive educational activities which:

  • Improve the appropriateness of medical imaging referrals
  • Influence how health care professionals think about the place of medical imaging in patient assessment and care
  • Use validated, evidence-based clinical decision rules (CDRs) to determine diagnosis, treatment and/or prognosis
  • Estimate the probability of a disease or outcome or to suggest a diagnostic or therapeutic course of action.

RANZCR Statistics and Research Methods (S.M.A.R.T) Workshop

The statistics and research methods (SMART) workshop is designed to provide opportunities for learners to enhance their knowledge and skills in statistics, critical appraisal of medical literature and research methodology. The workshop is made up of short didactic presentations by biostatisticians followed by interactive group sessions supported by facilitators. Learners are exposed to scientific research and trials which aim to foster an ethos of future research participation.

While primarily radiation oncology focused, the event is available and appropriate for all learners in the radiation oncology and clinical radiology training programs.

RANZCR Webcast Library

The College has made available presenting sessions from some of its scientific meetings and local Branch events through a webcast library. The library contains a suite of sessions from 2010 - 2018.


The College’s Electronic Poster System (EPOS) is an online database of scientific and educational presentations submitted as part of the College’s Annual Scientific Meetings. It is a tool aimed to present and share local research and has been capturing posters since 2011.

Master of Medicine (Radiology)

Master of Medicine (Radiology) comprises three years full-time supervised clinical training in a hospital-based Department of Radiology approved by The University of Melbourne. Training includes a two year lecture and tutorial program and a revision program at the commencement of the third year.

The Master of Medicine course runs parallel with training for the Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (FRANZCR). The FRANZCR Part I examination exempts trainees from Part I Master of Medicine. The Master of Medicine Examination is conducted in the 3rd year of the program and provides invaluable preparation for the FRANZCR Part II examination.

Candidates are required to select one area of the discipline for study in greater depth. A minor thesis of up to 15,000 words is to be prepared on a research project based on the selected discipline.

New South Wales Part II FRANZCR Exam Lectures

These lectures are held every Monday evening at 6.00pm, mainly at Concord Hospital. If you are interested please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Preparatory AIT Course

This 19 week course  prepares trainees for the Part 1 RANZCR Applied Imaging Technology (Radiology Physics) Exam.

Cross-Sectional Anatomy Course

The Cross-sectional anatomy course is designed to give nuclear medicine physicians some practical, applied anatomy knowledge. As well as cross-sectional anatomy, the course also contains macroscopic anatomy with wet specimen images and diagrams to help contextualise the cross-sectional anatomy. The course aims to give a minimum comprehensive overview of the subject and will give learners some very good insights into SPECT/CT and PET/CT cross-sectional anatomy.