Changes to CPD Requirements

Every doctor registered to practice medicine in Australia will be impacted when changes are imposed by the Medical Board of Australia. These changes are anticipated to come into effect from 2021. The changes will transform the way you maintain your medical registration by shifting the focus to tailored professional development activities, that aim to enhance patient safety.

The changes comprise three core components, outlined below;

  • Professional Development: Lead continuous quality improvement through individualised professional development via the introduction of performance and outcomes-based assessments
  • Wellbeing: Support the health, wellbeing and professional practice aspects of medical registration, by driving a positive and supportive culture.
  • Remediation: Steward patient centred medicine by addressing risks associated with individual capabilities such as age, geographical isolation and doctors with multiple complaints.

3 Core Components for CPD

Why is this happening?

In 2016, the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society endorsed a Regulatory Competency Framework, aimed at supporting the delivery of safe and high-quality patient care. In response, the MBA have proposed a range of changes to the current process for maintaining registration by introducing evidenced-based approaches to continuing professional development (CPD), associated with improved patient outcomes and reduced unwarranted clinical variation.

How will the changes impact you?

All doctors will be subject to changes to the Professional Development and Wellbeing categories. However, if you are aged 70 years or older, live in an isolated location, or have multiple substantiated complaints against you, you will be subject to the Remediation category as well.

An outline of the three categories has been provided below and how they are likely to impact you once implemented;

Professional Development

How and what professional development activities you undertake will change under the new requirements. Most RANZCR members participate in conferences, workshops and courses to accumulate CPD points for ongoing registration. However, under the changes there will be a limit to CPD that can be claimed from conferences, workshops and courses, as you will need to include at least 25% (i.e. 12.5 hours) of the minimum 50 hours required per year across each of the three newly created categories, outlined below:

new MBA CPD categories v4


Over recent years, the need to promote the health and wellbeing of doctors has become crucial because of its association with patient outcomes [1]. Whilst doctors are less likely to suffer from chronic medical conditions associated with lifestyle risk factors, there is evidence that indicates a rise in the incidence of mental illness, stress-related problems and substance abuse disorders across the profession.

The MBA has acknowledged the need to promote a positive culture in medicine and assure the wellbeing of doctors. Through the proposed changes, the MBA will foster a positive culture that stewards patient safety, by supporting the health and well-being of doctors. This will include access to a range of resources to provide professional, health and wellbeing support.


Supplementary support will be delivered to doctors with limited capabilities, or with potential limitations to their capabilities for delivering safe and high-quality patient care. This will include doctors in at least one of the following groups:

  1. aged 70 years and older
  2. living in remote or isolated locations or working in professional isolation
  3. three (3) or more substantiated complaints that impact on patient safety against them.

If you fall into one of these categories, you will be required to take part in regular peer reviews. Each peer review will have an ensuing professional development plan, outlining steps to maintain or enhance performance. If you are aged 70 years and older, you will also be required to complete a health assessment, every three-years, to demonstrate mental and physical proficiency.

What is the College doing to prepare for the changes?

The College is preparing for the MBA Professional Performance Framework by:

  • Informing members about the changes and progress regarding implementation including a dedicated webpage, with up-to-date information and resources regarding the changes
  • Publishing a list of Frequently Asked Questions, concurrently updated as developments emerge
  • Engaging the respective RANZCR education committees (Continuous Professional Development Committee and Post Fellowship Education Committee) to design and steward transitional plans to streamline implementation
  • Reviewing IT systems to enhance member interface with continuing professional development
  • Ongoing liaison with the MBA to clarify aspects of the changes, implications for RANZCR and advocating RANZCR position on relevant aspects
  • Communicating with the employers of RANZCR members to generate awareness and steward joint approaches to implementation of the changes

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