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Exam Dates for 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many facets of the RANZCR's training programs and is expected to continue to do so for some time.

RANZCR has set out the overarching priorities, principles and strategies to guide decision-making on training and accreditation, assessments, examinations and other training activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in its aftermath.

The College will regularly review and revise these guidelines , particularly the stipulated timeframes, in line with government advice and the status of the COVID-19 situation in our region.


Phase 1 Exams

Apply By  Exam Date Location
To Be Confirmed  Written To Be Confirmed  To Be Confirmed 

Phase 2 Exams

 Apply by Exam Date Location

Closed (Series 1) 

Written Completed  Limited number of written locations - centralised one site per Network
Vivas To Be Confirmed  Location To Be Confirmed
To Be Confirmed (Series 2) Written To Be Confirmed  To Be Confirmed
Vivas To Be Confirmed  Location To Be Confirmed

About the Exams

There are two major exams in the radiation oncology training program:

Phase 1

The Phase 1 exam is a written examination that assesses your knowledge of the Oncology Sciences. It is usually taken in the second year of training. There are two papers, both of which consist of six short answer questions in the 3 Oncology Sciences subjects:

  • Radiation Oncology Physics
  • Radiation and Cancer Biology
  • Anatomy


Phase 2

The Phase 2 exam consists of written examinations in radiation therapy, clinical oncology and pathology, and vivas (oral exams) and is usually taken in the final year of training:

Written Exams
  • Radiation Therapy 1: five short answer/short essay questions
  • Radiation Therapy 2: five short answer/short essay questions
  • Clinical Oncology: six short answer/short essay questions
  • Pathology: six short answer/short essay questions
  • Planning exam: Oral exam with one long and six short questions (with clinical prompts)
  • Clinical cases: eight cases performed in a hospital department (with patient and clinical prompts)
  • Pathology: Oral exam using six specimen images


To sit the Phase 1 exam, you must be in an accredited training position and must have completed 12 months of training (1 FTE) and all required assessments and prorated assessments. You must take the whole exam at once.

To sit the Phase 2 exam, you must have passed the Phase 1 exam, continued training for a further 18 months (1 FTE) (calculated from date of Phase 1 exam result outcome letter), completed 36 months of training time (1 FTE) overall, rotated to another site for 12 months (1 FTE), completed all required assessments (calculated prorated from training commencement date) and be in an accredited training position.

How to Apply

  • Download and print the application form for Phase 1 or  Phase 2
  • Complete the form, including payment for exam fees and any other items required such as passport photos, as directed on the form
  • For Phase 2, complete and submit the Pre Phase 2 Exam Interview Form
  • Send the completed application form, including required documentation, by mail or email to the address listed on the form. We must receive the application by 4pm on the relevant closing date. Late applications are not accepted
  • An acknowledgement of received application will be sent to you via e-mail within three business days of being received. Confirmation of receipt of application will not be provided via phone. Contact the College immediately if you have not received an acknowledgement within 10 business days

A note for Phase 1 candidates: At the time of the examination you must be employed as an accredited radiation oncology trainee and you must have completed all required training program assessments at the time of applying to sit the examination.

Exam Fees

Trainees pay an examination fee to cover the costs of operating the exams. Visit Fees page

How to Withdraw

If you need to withdraw from an exam, you must inform the College in writing.

If you withdraw up to four weeks before the exam, there is no financial penalty. If you withdraw within four weeks of the exam, you will be refunded 50% of the exam fee.

If you fail to attend the exam you forfeit the exam fee.

Preparing for Exams

RANZCR provides you with access to past exam papers to help you prepare for your Phase 1 and Phase 2 exams.

View Past Papers resource index

Examination Prizes

The College presents prizes to the most successful candidates in College examinations. Visit our Examination Prizes page for more information.