Abdominal Radiology Group Australia and New Zealand (ARGANZ)


Abdominal Radiology Group Australia and New Zealand (ARGANZ) is a group uniting radiologists from Australia and New Zealand who have a special interest in imaging and image guided treatment of patients with the diseases of abdominal organs.

The scope of ARGANZ does not include obstetric imaging.

ARGANZ was formed and exists under the umbrella of the College and adheres to its rules and regulations.

Proposed aims and objectives of ARGANZ


To provide a forum for exchange of scientific and clinical information and experience among ARGANZ members


To government: To provide clinical and scientific expert consensus and opinion to the College and, if explicitly delegated on behalf of the College, for advice and lobbying of state and federal governments and other organisations involved with policies of concern to ARGANZ members.

To the community: To provide relevant and current information regarding imaging and radiological management of abdominal organ diseases to non-radiological community of patients and referrers.

To peers: To facilitate interaction with other radiological, medical and allied health groups and organisation involved in management of abdominal diseases at national and international levels.

Academic: To promote education and research activities in abdominal imaging subspecialties in Australia and New Zealand.


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