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clinical radiology

Below you will find an index of policies, guidelines, standards and position statements/papers relevant to clinical radiology. Search by keyword and use the filters to find what you're looking for.

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Clinical Radiology

RANZCR Response to Nurse Practitioner Reference Group MBS Review

Submission to the Report from the Nurse Practitioners Reference Group Recommendation 9 - Remove current restrictions on diagnostic imaging investigations when requested by NPs RANZCR’s position is that the referrer of a diagnostic imaging test sh...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR response to the Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme

RANZCR welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme. Overall, the College supports the regulation of therapeutic products. Safe medication, devices and technology is necessary to ensure the best possible ...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Election Survey Questions

In the lead up to the next federal election, RANZCR is seeking commitments from all parties on the issues most important to our 4,500 members, including patient access to safe and vital medical imaging and radiation therapy. RANZCR has invited the Co...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Therapeutic Guidelines Consultation Response

Following consultation with the Artificial Intelligence Working Group, RANZCR provides the following feedback in response the TGA consultation on the Regulation of Software as a Medical Device.

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Clinical Radiology

RANZCR Diagnostic Medicine Clinical Committee MBS Review Response

RANZCR welcomes the recommendations from the Diagnostic Medicine Clinical Committee (DMCC) including the proposed introduction of Clinical Decision Support (CDS). RANZCR believes it is imperative that any work to progress Appropriate Use Criteria (AU...
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Clinical Radiology

RANZCR Vascular Clinical Committee MBS Review Response

The recommendations provided in the Vascular Clinical Committee report offer a starting point to further strengthen the MBS for vascular and interventional radiology and ensure that contemporary practice and models of care are appropriately funded. A...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Response to Australian Human Rights Commission AI Consultation

Following consultation with the Artificial Intelligence Working Group, RANZCR provides the following feedback. Clinical radiology and radiation oncology are two areas of medicine that are already using advanced informatics and technology, and we are...
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Clinical Radiology

FCR Breast Imaging Advisory ALCL Position statment

This policy statement documents the position taken by the Faculty of Clinical Radiology, on the advice of the Breast Imaging Advisory Committee, regarding the imaging of breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). ...
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Clinical Radiology

RANZCR Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine - Consultation

Consultation Only

The consultation period on this paper has now closed, and the final version will be released in due course. Any questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Clinical Radiology

Position Paper on Building eReferral Safety and Patient Choice

RANZCR strongly supports the adoption of eReferral in radiology. Secure electronic networks can improve how clinical and administrative information is exchanged between healthcare providers, resulting in better delivery of care. Safeguarding patient ...
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