Educational Fellowships

We are now inviting applications for the 2018 educational fellowships. Applications close on Monday 9 April 2018.

College Terms and Conditions for Grants and Fellowships


Thomas Baker Fellowship

The Thomas Baker Fellowship enables a qualified clinical radiologist or radiation oncologist (up to six years post FRANZCR) to further their knowledge by studying abroad for between three and 12 months (or in special circumstances for up to eighteen months). The Fellowship is supported by a grant of $AU20,000 from The Baker Foundation.

Thomas Baker Fellowship Application Form 2018

Download Thomas Baker Fellowship Guidelines


Bill Hare Fellowship

The Bill Hare Fellowship enables a qualified diagnostic radiologist (more than five years post FRANZCR) to further their knowledge of an acknowledged subspecialty, in which there is a recognised shortage, by study in Australia, New Zealand or overseas. It supports them for a period of intensive study (three to 12 months) or for attendance at an international short course (two weeks to one month) with a grant of AU$30,000. 

Bill Hare Fellowship Application Form 2018

Download Bill Hare Fellowship Guidelines


Rouse Travelling Fellowship

The Rouse Travelling Fellowship enables an experienced clinical radiology or radiation oncology Fellow (more than five years post FRANZCR) from Australia or New Zealand to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting in the other country. The Fellow is also expected to visit and present in their field of interest in three training centres, with a total Fellowship duration of three weeks funded by a grant of AU$8,000.

In line with the rotation outlined in the Guidelines, in 2018 the Fellowship is open to Radiation Oncology Fellows based in New Zealand.

 Rouse Travelling Fellowship Application Form 2018

Download Rouse Travelling Fellowship Guidelines