College Honours

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College Honours acknowledge outstanding contributions to the College and to the clinical radiology and radiation oncology professions.

College Terms and Conditions for Awards and Prizes

Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is the highest accolade given by the College. It honours a Fellow who has rendered outstanding service to the development, teaching or practice of clinical radiology or radiation oncology in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore.

Roentgen Medal

The Roentgen Medal is awarded to Fellows who have made a very valuable contribution to the College over a significant period of time, but have not received the Gold Medal.

Clinical Radiology Educational Service Award

The Clinical Radiology Educational Service Award is for Fellows or Educational Affiliates who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to clinical radiology training and assessment, above and beyond their expected educational roles.

The Denise Lonergan Educational Service Award

The Denise Lonergan Educational Service Award acknowledges members who have demonstrated outstanding long-term commitment, participation and leadership in training and education in radiation oncology. This award is generously funded by the family of the late Dr Denise Lonergan.

Sally Crossing Award for Consumer Advocacy 

The Sally Crossing Award for Consumer Advocacy recognises consumers involved in health care advocacy, to acknowledge an outstanding level of commitment and passion particularly in the areas of radiation oncology or clinical radiology.

Life Membership

Life Membership is awarded to Fellows over the age of 65 who have made an unusually significant contribution to clinical radiology, radiation oncology, or the College.

Honorary Fellowship

An Honorary Fellowship of the College recognises a person who has contributed to the advancement of clinical radiology or radiation oncology and allied sciences, either through original research or by special services to the College.

RANZCR Annual Indigenous Scholarship

The RANZCR Annual Indigenous Scholarship aims to attract doctors who identify as being either of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Māori heritage to one of the RANZCR training programs, and to support these trainees during their studies in either clinical radiology or radiation oncology.

Download RANZCR Annual Indigenous Scholarship Guidelines 

RANZCR Annual International Development Fund

The RANZCR International Development Fund of the College aims to provide small grants for overseas development work undertaken by College members or College groups that will improve patient care and raise the standard of practice in both disciplines.

Download RANZCR Annual International Development Fund Guidelines