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13 April 2022

Announcing the NZ Radiology Education Trust Pikimairawea Award  

The NZRET Pikimairawea Award

The Trustees are proud to introduce the NZRET Pikimairawea Award.

Māori legend says that the demigod Maui obtained his knowledge from his grandmother’s jawbone. He fashioned a matau (hook) with that jawbone and fished up the North Island. Taranaki tradition has a name for that jawbone – Pikimairawea.  

There has long been a connection between bones and radiology. Additionally, ‘piki mai’ means climb hither or strive and ‘rawe’ means excellence in Te Reo Māori.

The NZRET Pikimairawea Award is to honour New Zealand Fellows who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the fields of clinical radiology or radiation oncology through:

  • research
  • teaching and education,
  • any other activity that has benefited radiology/radiation oncology, its facilities or any of the services which they provide.

Two NZRET Pikimairawea Awards will be presented each year at the NZ ASM (provided eligibility criteria are met), one in the specialty of clinical radiology and one in radiation oncology.

Nominations for the 2022 NZRET Pikimirawea Awards are now open!

If you are interested in nominating a New Zealand Fellow, please see the Guidelines, Terms and Conditions and the Nomination Form .

The closing date for receiving nominations is 17 June 2022.


For more information on the New Zealand Radiology Education Trust, please visit the webpage here