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10 May 2021

IMG Stakeholder Report

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) is responsible for ensuring that International Medical Graduates (IMGs) practising in Australia are fully supported to practise safely. To achieve this aim, RANZCR’s core role is to ensure there are structures, processes and policies to support IMGs to reach the standard of a RANZCR trained Clinical Radiologist or Radiation Oncologist in order to practise safely, effectively, and collaboratively, and at an expected standard in Australia. A broader key policy aim is to ensure those upskilling in RANZCR accredited teaching sites and those working in regional and rural Australia or New Zealand and/or state and territory determined as Areas of Need (AoN) are well supported.


Please see the IMG Stakeholder Report: Executive Summary below.


  IMG Stakeholder Report: Executive Summary 2021