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03 May 2021

Phase 1 Course 2021 

The Phase 1 Foundation and Exam Preparation Courses will be combined in 2021 and will run virtually.


This virtual session will have a different format to previous years. Trainees will have access to a selection of pre-recorded lectures in Physics, Radiation and Cancer Biology four weeks prior to a live session on Saturday 19 June.


The live course will be a series of webinars that will include:

- Information on the Phase 1 exam process

- Tips on answering exam questions

- Information about the Anatomy component of the exam

- Live question and answer sessions with presenters in Physics, Radiation and Cancer Biology.


Trainees are encouraged to submit questions for the Q&A sessions 2 weeks prior to the course to to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject: Questions for Phase 1 Exam.


We are also facilitating an informal virtual study group, to encourage trainees to network with and support each other during this course. Please note the Facebook event is not monitored by course conveners, but is a social support area with event information and the opportunity to share notes and experiences with peers


The course is an invaluable learning opportunity for all Phase 1 trainees. Registration fees are AU$225 including GST. Register here:


 RANZCR's Phase 1 Course is proudly supported by