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13 May 2020

Electronic Voting for Board of Directors and Faculty Council elections

We are encouraging all eligible RANZCR members to opt-in to take advantage of online voting in the Board of Directors and Faculty Council elections. As a member you have the right to determine the leadership of RANZCR and its future directions. Strong governing bodies are key to our success.

Opt-in now via your MYRANZCR member portal.

It is imperative that RANZCR delivers high quality, transparent and accurate elections. To increase the stringency and robustness of this process, from 2020, the College is introducing the option for members to vote electronically in the Board of Director and Faculty Council elections.  

RANZCR is partnering with CorpVote to manage our Board and Faculty Council elections. CorpVote specialise in the planning, management and delivery of secure, independent ballots and elections.  

We want to make voting easier and quicker for our eligible members and CorpVote offers an attractive, simple and convenient way for our members to anonymously vote via their desktop computers and mobile devices. Electronic voting also has the additional benefit of improving environmental outcomes by reducing paper use and the associated CO2 emissions inherent to a postal voting process.

In order to vote electronically in the 2020 elections, members must choose to opt-in. We encourage all our eligible members to opt-in now to take advantage of this new voting channel.

From February, RANZCR is sending all eligible members an email inviting them to opt-in. If you have missed this email, you may also opt-in now via your MYRANZCR member portal by clicking here. When voting opens you will be contacted by CorpVote who will inform you of how you can securely and anonymously vote.

If you do not opt-in, you will continue to receive paper nomination forms and voting papers in the post in 2020. 

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.