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01 March 2018

Interested in Forensic Imaging? If so, your help is needed!

A post-mortem CT and/or other imaging is becoming a standard part of autopsy. Expert evidence related to post-mortem images is increasingly being call upon for coronial inquests and criminal matters stemming from medico-legal death investigations. The qualifications of those reporting the post-mortem images and giving evidence is increasingly needing formal verification in a court of law.

This is a challenging yet thought-provoking area. To register your interest in Forensic Imaging, please complete this brief survey:

The Royal College of Pathologists Australasian (RCPA) has proposed a collaboration between our Colleges as this field is of interest to both radiologists and pathologists, requiring addition, yet different, training for both specialities. A working group is being formed with equal representation from both Colleges to set a way forward including establishing grandfathering criteria and developing a curriculum and examination. This qualification will be specifically limited to the interpretation of post-mortem images and clearly excludes reporting pre-mortem images or comparing pre and post mortem images.

The Faculty of Clinical Radiology Council supports the establishment of a Faculty of Post-mortem Imaging within the structure of RCPA (noting that the RCPA structure and definition of a Faculty differs from our College).

We are seeking expressions of interest from members to represent the College on this working group. More information on the working group can be found here.

Clinical radiology Fellows from Australia or New Zealand can submit an expression of interest by completing the expression of interest form (max 300 words) expressing your interest in, and credentials for, the position and a copy of your CV. This EOI will close on Friday 16 March 2018. Please send your EOI form or any enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.