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08 December 2017

Introducing MyRANZCR: Our new online member portal

The College's new and improved online member portal, MyRANZCR, is now ready for use.

The MyRANZCR portal has been redeveloped in response to member feedback and the findings of our 2016 member survey. MyRANZCR’s functionality is also in line with security and reliability requirements needed in the modern Information Technology environment. This forms part of the College’s digital transformation strategy with more improvements in the pipeline.

What's new?

MyRANZCR homepageConvenience, security and reliability are at the heart of MyRANZCR, which will provide members with an improved online self-service experience. MyRANZCR will keep the functionality that members are already used to, such as making payments, updating contact information and accessing the Learning Portal. The portal also has some great new features:

  1. Invoice download function, allowing members to keep their tax records up to date with a single click
  2. Multi-currency payments, enabling our Australian and New Zealand members to pay fees in their local currency
  3. Option to add areas of practice and interest, helping us to share information and opportunities that are most relevant to our members.

The technology behind MyRANZCR is versatile and we plan to add new online services for members in the future.

Accessing MyRANZCR

For members' convenience, MyRANZCR will require members to log in using their email address, rather than their RANZCR member ID. All members will receive a personalised email inviting them to authenticate their new login. Members will need to authenticate their login in order to access the Learning Portal.

We encourage all members to explore the functionality of the new member portal. We will continue to work on and improve MyRANZCR over the coming months so if you have any feedback or comments please get in touch.

Need Help?

We have produced a number of short video demonstrations to help members access and navigate the MyRANZCR:

  • Redeeming your invitation to authenticate your new login
  • Accessing MyRANZCR from the main RANZCR website and updating your personal details
  • Downloading your invoices
  • Paying your invoices and making a donation

Access MyRANZCR help and support

If you would like to speak to a member of staff please contact the Member Services team