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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology
08 April 2011

RANZCR Website Privacy and Terms of Use Policy

Policy which, together with the RANZCR Privacy Policy, governs your use of the RANZCR website

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology
12 September 2016

Consideration of Special Circumstances Policy

Policy outlining the criteria and mechanisms by which RANZCR Trainees or International Medical Graduates (IMGs) undertaking formal assessment may advise the College of, and the College may consider, special circumstances. This policy outlines the cr...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology
11 August 2017

IMG Assessment Policy (Australia)

International Medical Graduates (IMG) Assessment Policy (Australia)This International Medical Graduate Assessment Policy document is intended to assist The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists® (ABN 37 000 029 863) (the College),...
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Clinical Radiology
03 March 2011

Accreditation of Training Time for Trainees Working After Hours or On Call Policy

This policy prescribes the RANZCR requirements for accreditation of training time for trainees working after hours or on call.

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Clinical Radiology
02 March 2011

Release of Results for the Part 1 and Part 2 Radiology Examination Policy

This policy prescribes the release of results to trainees and Directors of Training for the Part 1 and Part 2 Radiology Examinations.

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Clinical Radiology
03 March 2011

Mammography Screening for Breast Cancer Policy

Policy on the safe and effective use of mammography screening to detect breast cancer.


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Radiation Oncology
27 March 2011

Radiation Oncology Network Training Policy

The intention of the NTP is to provide comprehensive policy framework that is not too prescriptive, but that clearly lays down the foundations of the network training system

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology
07 April 2011

RANZCR Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is important. It is intended to assist The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists® (ABN 37 000 029 863) (the College), its staff, Fellows, Members and other individuals in understanding the College’s practices...
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Radiation Oncology
09 April 2011

Policy on Eligibility and Outcomes of Phase 1 Examination in Radiation Oncology

Eligibility and Outcomes of the Phase 1 Examination in Radiation Oncology Policy, Version 3 Approved October 2013

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Clinical Radiology
09 April 2011

Clinical Radiology Interrupted and Part-time Training Policy

This policy provides that Radiology trainees of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists may apply to the relevant Chief Censor for the approval of interrupted or part-time training arrangements *SET TO EXPIRE ON 1 DECEMBER 2017*...
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