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21 July 2020

Consultation: Review of the Clinical Radiology Training Program

The College has a consultation underway. Please find details below on how to submit: 

As part of the Training and Assessment Reform (TAR) the College has undertaken a review of the Clinical Radiology Training Program and Learning Outcomes. We are now conducting a period of stakeholder consultation regarding the proposed revisions.

The review of the Clinical Radiology Training Program has led to changes to our structured learning activities, work-based assessments and examinations. The changes made to the training program endeavour to ensure that the assessments are fit for purpose, measure identified objectives, and allow tracking of trainee progress over the course of the training program.

The review has also led to changes to the structure and presentation of our training program learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge and skills trainees should acquire by the end of the training program.


Clinical Radiology

How to submit

We are seeking our members’ feedback as to whether the training program and learning outcomes reflect the key competencies expected from our trainees at the end of their training and support the learning and development of clinical radiologists and prepare them for future changes. The expectation is that at the end of training, clinical radiology trainees are capable of safe, independent practice in delivering quality patient care.

Please provide your feedback through our online survey by 27 August 2020. If you have any questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Consultation documentation