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14 October 2019

Breast Imaging Advisory Committee collates recent articles relating to Injectable breast fillers

Injectable Breast Fillers

The College’s Breast Imaging Advisory Committee has collated recent articles relating to Injectable breast fillers including Macrolane, PAAG (Polyacrylamide gel) and free silicone injections which may be used for breast enhancement. The College would like to inform consumers and medical practitioners that mammography and breast ultrasound are ineffective for screening or diagnosis in women who have had Macrolane, PAAG (polyacrylamide gel) or free silicone injections.

Macrolane does resolve eventually so women with this injectable may be able to have a mammogram after a period of time. Free silicone and PAAG do not degrade. Breast MRI imaging with contrast is currently the only effective imaging modality that can be used for screening or diagnosis in these women.


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