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02 August 2019

Member Consultation: 2019 Peer review audit tool for Radiation Oncology

This PRAT is part of the quality framework and tool for systematically improving the quality of the department. It is not about “ticking boxes”; it is designed to enable organisations to understand processes and to learn to enable improvement. This revised peer review audit tool (PRAT) has been created using a combination of the last version of the PRAT, the ASTRO 2013 white paper on peer review 1, the RCR 2017 document on target volume delineation and peer review 2 and a number of other peer review tools used in practice and described in the literature 3–7. The Quality Improvement Committee directs readers to the ASTRO and RCR documents for further information regarding the peer review process.

Members and interested parties can submit their comments and feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by COB 27 September 2019. Please reference line numbers where appropriate.


Please click here to read the full consultation.