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12 July 2019

RANZCR Radiology Workplace Survey coming soon

The Workplace Survey is an important survey that the College sends out to radiology practice managers and Heads of Department every 4 years. We are requesting your help in completing the survey and enable us to understand the workforce demand.  

The Workplace Survey will assist the College in understanding workforce demand, which will help improve patient care and access to high quality medical imaging through improved College policies, planning, programs, trainee systems and advice to governments. This in turn will assist practices to ensure demand for radiologists is met.  

RANZCR will be distributing the survey in Australia and New Zealand via the following channels. 


  • The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association (ADIA) will send out the survey to its members to be forwarded onto the relevant person to complete on behalf of the organisation 
  • Public Hospitals/sites will be reached by the College's Director of Training at each site around Australia 

New Zealand: 

  • The National Radiology Advisory Group (NRAG) will help the College to reach out to public sites around the country 
  • Private sites/practices will be contacted directly 

Members are asked to please ensure that one survey is completed on behalf of your department, practice site or group of practices. Please note that there have been some changes made since the last survey, particularly, there are separate questions for Australia and New Zealand practices where applicable.  Please ensure that you respond to the questions for your country only. 

Once the surveys are received by the College, the data will be anonymised, aggregated and then sent to the Clinical Radiology Workforce Committee (CRWC) for review. A report will then be produced.

Your contribution to the survey would be greatly appreciated.