Live Zoom HRCT Made Easy Weekend Case Workshop 2022 for Oz

05 November 2022 - 13 November 2022
Venue - Zoom
CPD hours available
Cost - $795 USD

Live Zoom HRCT Made Easy Weekend Case Workshop 2022 for Oz By William Renner, M.D. 5-6 and 12-13 Nov 2022.

A New Live On-line Zoom Workshop with Dr. William Renner with question and answers during sessions. 4 Hours Sat and Sun Morning for 2 Weekends (8am to noon on Saturday and Sunday mornings) Melbourne Time…16 hours of Workshop, 4 RANZCR CPD hours can be claimed for attendance at the Live Zoom HRCT Update Weekend Workshop 2022 on 5-6 and 12-13 Nov 2022, for a total of 16 RANZCR CPD hours.

Lectures and cases: Conceptual and algorithm approach to diffuse lung disease with cases that review the basics of HRCT, cases of classic examples of disease and disease progression, and some unusual cases too. I have included updates on latest in chest disease and HRCT. And up-to-date info on Covid and Long Covid.

Dr. Renner’s highly praised 146-page textbook/syllabus (downloadable copy included) can be used in daily practice to give clear understanding of scan findings. The workshop lectures will be online for at least 3 months after the conference for your review. This 2-day weekend HRCT course, given in memory of Dr. Ben Felson who was my mentor in Chest Radiology, uses cases to review the essentials of HRCT including indications, protocols, and scan basics to allow the attendee to diagnosis and understand diffuse lung diseases. My HRCT workbook/syllabus can be used in daily practice to give clear understanding of scan findings. I will be discussing the Covod-19 epidemic and the Artificial Stone Silicosis Epidemic in Australia in detail, including up-to-date case reports and HRCT findings.

By the end of the course, using my syllabus and algorithm, you should be able to give a concise differential diagnosis for each HRCT case you read. To make the conference interactive and personalized: during the live conference, you can use the Chat function on Zoom to ask questions. The zoom lectures will be recorded, and the recordings will be available online for three months for your review.

Comments from the last Oz HRCT Zoom Course:

  • “Thanks very much indeed for your brilliant course - your course is my favourite, and the virtual delivery has allowed me to absorb and reflect on the information better I think,” From Jean Lee
  • “Thank you, Dr Renner. You have done great to make complex gamut of diseases on HRCT manageable for us. Much appreciate,” From JSM.
  • “Thanks so much - it was fantastic!” From Belinda

Topics to be discussed:

• Case-based workshop with basic HRCT findings and protocols
• Cases of Reticulations, Fibrosis, Nodules, Ground Glass Opacities, Air Trapping
• Algorithm approach for interpretation of scan to narrow the DDx
• Conceptual Approach to Diffuse Lung Disease
• Clues And Reading HRCT
• Review Of DLCO And When to Recommend It
• Ground-glass opacities and their work-up
• Latest Update on Covid and Long Covid
• What’s New in HRCT
• When to biopsy, bronchoscope or examine sputum
• Bronchiectasis
• Fibrotic Lung Diseases
• College Of Vascular Diseases
• Smoking Related Diseases
• Incidental Interstitial Lung Abnormalities
• Update on Artificial Stone Silicosis
• Pathways to fibrosis
• Treatment of ILD
• Upper Lobe Disease
• Subpleural sparing
• Writing the HRCT Report