ESTRO School FALCON Rectal Cancer Workshop

15 September 2020 - 22 September 2020
Venue - Online Workshop
Cost - ESTRO members: 150 EUR

The Radiation Oncology Specialty Training Unit has successfully organised with ESTRO to deliver three online contouring workshops on the following topics; Rectal Cancer and Lung Cancer for RANZCR Trainees. 

These online delineation workshops are aimed at trainees and junior radiation oncologists wanting to improve their contouring skills. The workshops will be conducted via web conference in 2 sessions of 2 hours that will be very interactive.
Before the workshop, pre-workshop homework will be sent out that needs to be completed before the workshop. This will be accompanied with prerecorded instructions how to use Falcon Educase and how to logon for the first session with WebEx. This will be sent one week before the first workshop lesson. 

The rectal cancer workshop (WS) is a very extensive and enjoyable WS that will help you to understand the caveats of rectal cancer contouring and how to overcome those caveats with anatomical knowledge, surgical series outcomes and ESTRO contouring guidelines. The participants have to contour the GTV (tumor and nodal), the corresponding CTVs (high and low dose) as well as the organs at risk (OAR). The main interest will be focused on the CTVs delineation. At the end of the course you will have all this knowledge that will help you face everyday's clinical challenges and do it with scientific reasoning.

On the first online lesson the faculty members will give a guideline presentation, and will review and comment your pre-workshop contours. Participants are requested to contour the case the second time based on the taught guidelines. On the second online lesson the faculty members will compare the first and the second submitted contours to the reference contours and generally comment on the delineations.

The details for the workshops and the links for registration are as follows:
Rectal Cancer Workshop - 15 and 22 September at 18.00 (AEST)

Please also note that:
ESTRO requires a minimum of 10 registrations for each of the workshops to run.
Pre-workshop homework will be sent out one week before the workshop.
The fee payable for participating is 150€ (discounted for RANZCR ESTRO members).

If you have any questions please e-mail